SUMMER HOUSE -- Season:7 -- Pictured: (l-r) Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Danielle Olivera, Gabby Prescod, Chris Leoni, Mya Allen, Samantha Feher -- (Photo by: Sasha IsraelBravo)

Summer House Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: A Housewarming On A Wednesday?

Welcome back to Summer House, where Kyle Cooke’s 40th birthday rager was still, well, raging. But not everyone was having a good time. Last week’s episode left Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard in a tense conversation over the state of their deteriorating friendship. And it’s still dissolving before our eyes, even if the two BFFs are trying to hug it out. Lindsay doesn’t understand that Danielle needs her to be a better friend. Danielle doesn’t want to just let Lindsay and Carl Radke be happy. It’s a no-win situation.

A New Couple Is Born

While Danielle and Lindsay are having their much-needed come to Jesus moment, Samantha Feher is only focused on one person: Kory Keefer. She’s so attracted to the Winter House visitor that she’s about ready to break all of her rules just so he’ll spit in her mouth. And surprise, surprise, by the end of the night, the twosome are making out in the pool.

The real surprise, though? Kory actually sticks around for what appears to be the rest of the week. And he’s back at the house by the time the next weekend rolls around. Shockingly, it doesn’t even feel like a bid for camera time, either. He and Sam really seem to like each other. Particularly considering they’re still officially a couple as of this writing.

It’s Giving Engagement Party Vibes

Speaking of couples in the house, Carl and Lindsay celebrated their life together by throwing a housewarming party for their new, very expensive apartment in the middle of the week. It’s a rare detour from the usual filming schedule, with the entire cast together on a casual Wednesday afternoon.

The day was an emotional one for Carl, as it marked the second anniversary of his older brother’s death from an overdose. And it also happens to be Lindsay‘s birthday, which may or may not point to the fact these two might have a trauma bond. Nevertheless, the whole gang gathered for their housewarming, where Paige DeSorbo lets slip the couple is spending an eye-popping $13,000 a month on their fancy new place. Trust me, in New York City, that’s not even a little bit sustainable. She also noted the party feels much more like an engagement celebration than a housewarming. Except Carl hasn’t proposed yet.

The Ring Does Mean A Thing

Speaking of engagements, Carl pulled Kyle aside during the party — ostensibly into the home office he’s not using to work for Loverboy — to show his boss and BFF a picture of the ring he’s picked out for Lindsay. Like their new place, it’s huge and grand and looks incredibly expensive. Like, how are these millennials affording all this? Is there some sort of endorsement deals happening that we don’t know about? Because their Bravo paychecks cannot be big enough to be financing all these major purchases. Either way, the proposal plan is real now and it’s all happening by the end of the summer.

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That’s My Opinion!

The housewarming isn’t all congratulations and HubbHouse birthday wishes, though. It’s also the setting for another face-off between Danielle and Lindsay. I still don’t quite understand how this week’s showdown happened, exactly. One minute Lindsay was trying to be a good friend and asked Danielle about herself. And the next, she was turning the conversation around, demanding to know whether her BFF really supported her relationship with Carl. Oh, right. That’s how it happened. Lindsay once again made it all about herself and only heard exactly what she wants to hear.

As a friend, Danielle questioned how quickly her two besties are moving down the road to marriage. Does that have anything to do with how she feels about her own silently flailing relationship with Robert Sieber? Maybe. Maybe not. But she has strong opinions and Lindsay wasn’t interested in hearing them anymore. By the end of the party, it feels like they’ve taken one step forward and 15 steps back from their make-up at Kyle‘s party.

*Screams Into A Pillow*

So naturally, things are back to being tense by the time the next weekend rolls around. (Side note: Mya Allen‘s missing in action from the house on account of a wedding. But never fear, Kory‘s around to take her place.) The house splits up, with half going out to dinner and the rest staying home to make pizza. Which was the perfect opportunity for Carl to have a long-awaited, much-needed one on one with Danielle while Lindsay‘s out on the town.

As I just barely said, the chat is a long time coming. But yet again, things go about as sour as the double-fermented wine Kyle accidentally brought to the Hamptons. Danielle insisted she’s [insert Sydney Sweeney voice] NEVER BEEN HAPPIER for her two best friends and their PERFECT relationship. Do we believe it yet? Carl certainly doesn’t seem to. And Danielle ending the episode by screaming into a pillow in front of his face definitely doesn’t help her argument.


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