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Margaret Josephs Thinks Melissa Gorga Doesn’t Get ‘Enough Credit’

How does one gauge the credit owed to a reality TV show star? Some might say reality stars get far too much credit — that they’re famous for nothing. Most viewers would probably agree that they don’t watch a show like Real Housewives of New Jersey for the talent but for the drama.

Melissa Gorga in particular has been criticized by fans for not bringing much to the show besides her feud with Teresa Giudice. Unfortunately for Mel, fans are becoming a little tired of the constant bickering between the two, even if Teresa might often be the instigator, intentionally digging at Melissa.

But throughout it all, Melissa has always had a friend in Margaret Josephs. Their camaraderie has become just as predictable as the feuds between the stars. No matter what happens, Marge and Mel will always tend to flock together and agree.

Margaret Josephs digs Teresa while defending Melissa

So, it comes as no surprise that in RHONJ season 13 episode 12’s After Show, Marge said, “People don’t give Melissa enough credit that she is very sensitive and emotional. I think sometimes Melissa puts a block up. People have said, ‘Oh, she’s cold.’ She’s not cold. Teresa does come across warmer to people sometimes, on the outside, but Melissa is very warm.”

Notice how Margaret slips in a subtle put-down toward Teresa while complimenting Melissa. She says that Mel comes off as very cold on the outside, but has a warm interior. At the same time, she says that Teresa has a seemingly warm exterior, but doesn’t finish that thought. On top of her looks, Margaret may have been serving shade.

Granted, perhaps Margaret didn’t mean to imply anything at all about Teresa. Still, in comparing the two, she’d inevitably draw a bit of a value judgment. Best case scenario, she was just defending her friend amid a storm of drama between the Gorga and Giudice families. Worst case scenario, Marge may have been adding to the drama.

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