All the Ways Scandoval Has Benefitted Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix
(Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix is giving a whole new meaning to revenge era. News broke back in March that her long-time boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, had been having a months-long affair with their mutual friend, Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss. Bravo viewers learned that while Ariana was out of town at her grandmother’s funeral back in Florida, the duo slept over in the Valley Village home.

The situation worsened during the Season 10 reunion after Tom was caught trying to gaslight Ariana and blaming her for the demise of their relationship. The co-owner of TomTom didn’t come across as genuinely sorry for the trouble he caused his girlfriend and their friend circle. But instead of crying in a corner, Ariana got up, put on her big girl pants, and started planning to turn her sadness into a profit. These are Ariana Madix’s Scandoval benefits.

Bic Razor


Ariana has wasted no time jumping from commercial to commercial, with one of her firsts being with Bic Razor. The famous shaving brand pounced on the buzz (pun intended) and fallout of Scandoval.

Ariana filmed a quick ad that opened up about her, noting she had to share her “truth.” As she sages her apartment, Ariana tells viewers, “Life does not have to be that complicated and annoying.” As the former SUR bartender sat on the side of the bath, she stated, “It feels like I’m starting a whole new, unclogged chapter of my life.”

Bloomingdale’s Shoot

Ariana Madix/Instagram

Very quickly, Ariana flew to New York City to have a photo shoot at the head Bloomingdale’s store, where she wowed in a red revenge dress. The fashion retailer spent a lot of money advertising Ariana and even had her model a floor-length lavender gown.

The shopping spree helped Ariana feel more confident in herself and showed off that the clothing store has a lot of options for any shopper. 

Uber Eats

Uber Eats/Instagram

This Ariana commercial may have been a fan favorite since it enlisted friends Lala Kent and Scheana Shay to sing the 2013 hit Good as Gold. The remix may have been better than the original, as all three women bounced around a recording studio to the catchy hit. The Vanderpump Rules stars sang, “It’s better than gold, actually,” with Ariana humming, “It’s like freedom.”


Ariana Madix/Instagram

Ariana didn’t hold back during her Duracell battery commercial, where she started off saying, “Hi, I’m Ariana Madix, and I’m done with anything basic,” and then proceeded to throw white nail polish off her coffee table. She continued telling viewers, “Moving forward, I’m looking for something premium, something long-lasting. And Duracell is guaranteed to last 12 years. That’s much better than 10!”


Ariana Madix/Instagram

Ariana is going to be taking out her trash in style, as she has also partnered with Glad garbage bags. While holding her pink trash bag up,

Ariana noted the product was perfect for spring cleaning, stating, “Out with the old, in with the new.” In her ad, Ariana also added a little cheeky marketing of her own, as the trash can was from her Something About Her sandwich shop, which is set to open this summer. 



Now that Ariana is single-ish, she will need a trusty vibrator. Thankfully, she partnered with Bellesa and can use the Duracell batteries to charge it up. Ariana showed off the popular Pebble vibrator in a pretty pink. Ariana can now sit back in any t-shirt and enjoy a night without Tom. 

Lay’s Chips

Ariana Madix/Instagram

Everyone knows a sandwich is always better with a few potato chips tucked inside for that extra crunch. In this ad, Ariana happily chomped away on her homemade lunch. Who knows, maybe she will even put a special chip sandwich on her Something About Her menu



A little-known fact, but Joyburst was the first company to partner with Ariana after her break up with Tom. In May, Ariana shared a post noting she had created her own cocktail with the brand.

Ariana wrote, “I am thankful for the things in my life that inspire moments of joy—both the big and the small. From mixing up my favorite @myjoyburst cocktails to spending time with friends and working out, being happy and healthy are my goals in life! I challenge you to indulge in things that make you happy, naturally.”