Max Boyens
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Max Boyens Claims He Was Paid ‘Little to Nothing’ for Vanderpump Rules Season 8

Max Boyens from Vanderpump Rules claimed he was paid a measly few thousand dollars to film Season 8 of the Emmy-nominated show. 

“They paid me little to nothing. As a new cast member, you don’t make episodic pay,” he told Us Weekly. “You don’t get paid per episode; it is just a flat rate. It is not a lot at all; it just gets you by.” 

“It was $4,000 [or] something … and they also pay it to you in increments.”

Whew. A check like this is TERRIBLE. And especially with the cost of living in California, I mean, this is just embarrassing. Maybe Bethenny Frankel, Rachel Leviss, and Hannah Berner were right — networks really do abuse the sh*t out of the reality stars

As you know, Bethenny has spent the last several weeks rallying the reality “losers” and trying to form a union. She wants better pay, residual pay, and to completely eliminate the “Bethenny Clause.” 

It’s tough for the VPR crew 

It’s shocking to hear how much the stars of VPR made for their first season of filming. And when you’re splurging on new ‘fits every week, that $4K can go quickly. 

“It was tough because I was spending a lot of money. I had to buy a lot of clothes because I don’t want to be wearing the same f*cking clothes every episode,” he said. “I am blowing all this money on new clothes, I have to fly to places with [the cast], and I am spending money when it is my turn to buy drinks for everybody.”

Despite the lack of money coming in, Max could still enjoy some nights out thanks to his co-stars. 

“It wasn’t a problem to have [a check] covered [by someone else] sometimes. Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval were always really cool about that. Scheana Shay especially, too.”

The good thing for Max is that since he was fired from the show in 2020 for his past racist tweets, no network has considered calling him since. So, thankfully, he won’t be subjected to any more incredibly low salaries. Cheers!