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Erika Jayne Says RHOBH Fans Can Expect ‘A Tantrum’ From Co-Star in Season 13

Kathy Hilton’s alleged off-camera epic Aspen meltdown and the aftermath of it dominated much of Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, Kathy won’t be back for the show’s upcoming 13th season, so it looks like someone else has taken the tantrum reigns.

Erika Jayne was recently on Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s podcast and shared that it was Sutton Stracke who lost her cool, but it looks like this time, no “ugly leather pants” were involved. Actually, it seems like a lack of pants at one of the ladies’ Las Vegas outings is what might’ve caused Sutton distress.

Erika said Sutton was uncomfortable at a ‘Magic Mike Live’ show

Erika covered a lot on the August 28 episode of Two Ts In A Pod, from an update on her estranged, disgraced husband Tom Girardi to fans’ reactions about her “menopause weight loss.” She also talked about Sutton’s alleged Magic Mike night-ruining meltdown that we’ll get see in season 13.

Erika said that Sutton was initially on board with attending the sexy show, even bringing along a stack of cash to make it rain. Then, at some point during the performance Sutton began clutching her pearls, though Erika said her scene-making “felt very inauthentic.”

“It felt very forced and produced. We’re talking about someone who had a stack of bills that wanted to have a good time,” said Jayne.

Erika said Sutton ‘showed her ass’ with her dramatic trip tantrum

According to Erika, Sutton’s conniption was so bad that the cast didn’t even get to take a photo with the men of Magic Mike, though they had planned to.

She went on to say that her creative director, Mikey Minden’s partner is a cast member of the “Magic Mike Live” show. The “Pretty Mess” singer also stated that the “Magic Mike” cast was looking forward to “tak[ing] a cast photo” with her RHOBH co-stars. Jayne stated they were unable to do so because of Stracke’s reaction.

“Sutton showed out and showed her ass. And threw a tantrum,” said Jayne.

Magic Mike’s PR people felt Sutton’s wrath, too.

“They were very upset, like the PR for ‘Magic Mike’ like got in my ass … Nobody forces you do anything on [RHOBH], but you know people make choices and here we go, and I was disappointed in that,” stated the RHOBH star.

Others rallied around Sutton

Erika says that nothing inappropriate happened at the show and it was Sutton’s choice to be there, so she was annoyed that other cast members attempted to console her.

“I think the thing that I was most disappointed in — not Sutton throwing a tantrum, which is pretty much par for the course — but the way the other girls ran to her and like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god,’” said Jayne.

Who forgot to explain to Sutton that Magic Mike isn’t just a wholesome magician? We’ll have to wait until later this fall to find out since the show is rumored to be returning to Bravo in November.