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RHOBH Season 13 Premiere Vindicates Lisa Rinna: She Wasn’t Fired

When Bravo lets go of a longtime Real Housewife, 99% of the time they allow the Housewife to make her own exit. That’s when fans get the “spend time with my family” or “it was time to move on” Instagram posts from someone departing the franchise.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lost Lisa Rinna ahead of Season 13 and most believed she got the boot. She had maybe one fan left after she tried to demolish Kathy Hilton. Rinna was booed at BravoCon and it seemed like her RHOBH contract was going to get lost in the mail.

Rinna did in fact leave. She said her family was receiving “death threats” in the wake of the Hilton scandal. Additionally, Rinna’s deceased mother Lois appeared in a vision and advised her to quit the reality life. So Rinna announced her exit but no one believed it was her decision. Now the Season 13 premiere of RHOBH will set the rumors of Lisa’s firing ablaze, or at least try to.

The Vindication of Lisa Rinna?

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The seven-minute sneak peek into Season 13 gave us more than foreshadowing into Dorit Kemsley trying to be relevant. Among other things, the clip apparently proves to the masses that Lisa wasn’t fired, she left of her own accord.

Towards the end of the preview, poor Erika Jayne is sitting there lamenting over the loss of her only ally on the show. She’s arriving at Dorit’s new age, sorry, CHIC new age crystal party, and says, “So I am walking in like a man on my own island. My friend is gone.”

Then viewers are treated to … the resignation. In a message that is probably one of the least professional communications I have ever seen, Lisa sent an email to NBCUniversal to quit. It read, “I will not be renewing my contract and I will not be coming back to RHOBH. Thank you so much for 8 years!!!! All the best, Lisa.”

Come on now. It was nice of Bravo to do that for Lisa, but that was her emotional reaction to a shitty reunion performance. Per Andy Cohen, Lisa “immediately regretted” sending it and tried to retract it ASAP. But Andy was not feeling it and put Rinna “on pause” so she could “come back” at a later time.

In May 2023 Lisa challenged being “on pause” and her rep released a statement. “There was never any discussion with anyone about that concept. Her contract ended, and the parties mutually agreed not to engage on a new one. She felt her time on the show had run its course and she was more than happy to move on. And she still does not regret it.”

Sure, Jan.

Stay tuned for a Rinna-free RHOBH when Season 13 premiers October 25 at 8 PM/ET on Bravo.