All the Ways Teresa and Melissa’s Kids Have Fueled Their Feud

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The feud between the Gorga and Giudice family has been one hell of a ride. Since Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3, Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga, and Teresa Giudice have been actively trying to take one another down as if they were an Italian mobster gang. Loyalty has meant everything to the family. Both Teresa and Melissa claim they were disrespected one too many times for their own liking.

The disrespect has moved on to Teresa and Melissa’s kids. They’ve sadly have had to witness their parents act like a bunch of schoolyard kids fighting for the swings. Joey Gorga, Antonia Gorga, Gino Gorga, Gia GiudiceGabriella Giudice, Milania Giudice, and Audriana Giudice have all been inserted into the pathetic fights. Now, as Teresa and Melissa’s kids become adults, they are making their own decisions when it comes to their estranged aunts and uncle.

The Gorga Kids Unfriend Teresa

Antonia Gorga/Instagram

It seems like the RHONJ Season 14 reunion didn’t go as planned. Eagle eyed followers noted that Gino, Joey, and Antonia have all unfollowed Teresa after her scuffle with their mother. The entire season has been all quiet on the Western front when it comes to Melissa and Teresa interacting, as they have refused to speak to one another. Now, it seems their vow of silence has trickled down to the Gorga kids.

Until now, Joey, Gino, and Antonia have never spoken about their aunt in the show, positive or negative. But their blanket unfriending speaks volumes to fans who feel there is now no returning to having a happy family unit. No one is entirely sure what went down, but there are rumors that Teresa called Melissa a “whore.” It seems Zia Tre’s Instagram now has three less followers, and she probably only has herself to blame.

Gia Talks Rudely to Joe

Gia Giudice/Instagram

During Season 12, Gia made it her mission to call out her Zio Joe on numerous occasions. However, none stuck out quite like the one they had at Teresa’s backyard party. After hearing that Joe had mouthed off about her father, Joe Giudice, saying his brother-in-law had put his “mother in her f*cking grave” and said he didn’t know how to be a “man,” Gia was more than perturbed. During the confrontation, the Rutgers University grad said, “Dad didn’t deserve it either.” 

However, it seems that studying law didn’t teach Gia how to fight fairly after blocking Joe Gorga from defending himself, quickly shutting her uncle down, stating, “If you’re going to come at me disrespectfully…then I won’t talk to you. I’m an adult now, too, so you can talk to me like one…Because I’m done with you being disrespectful.” Naturally, Joe Gorga was shocked at Gia’s venom. He later noted, “I would never allow my daughter to talk to my aunt or my uncle like that. I mean, where were you raised?”

​Milania Can’t Forgive Joe


Next to Gia, Milania has also been very outspoken about Melissa and Joe as she seemingly also has drunk the Kool-Aid that her mother dishes out. Again, during Season 12, fans were given a glimpse of just how much the Giudice children disliked their aunt and uncle. Milania was not pleased about seeing her mother getting screamed at.

Milania Finds Out She Is Blocked by Melissa


Melissa is so INSECURE but I wonder how she will spin this to make Gia look bad #rhonj #bravo #teresagiudice #giagiudice

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It turns out that older sister Gia wasn’t the only one being put on pause by Melissa. After a TikTok user shared Gia’s news, Milania took the comment section to add fuel to the fire, noting she had also been blocked. Melissa actually doesn’t follow any of the Giudices except for Gabriella. 

Gia Calls Joe an Opportunist

Joe Gorga/Instagram

Gia woke up this particular morning and chose violence when she thought she would once again go after her uncle. This time, the aspiring lawyer revealed she believed her uncle was an “opportunist” after posing for a picture with Joe Giudice while in the Bahamas as if they had reconciled. The two Joes have been known to despise each other, so the snap didn’t sit well with Gia. 

Gia couldn’t bite her tongue as she wrote in the comments section, “This is honestly comical knowing you were with him for not even 5 minutes, and we’re able to have somebody take a video of the interaction; meanwhile, all you have done is talked so poorly about my father.”

It is clear that the Giudice women have had a lot more to say about their aunt and uncle than the Gorga kids, which just goes to prove maybe Melissa and Joe were trying all along to mend fences.