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Truth Behind Margaret Josephs and Jackie Goldschneider Feud Revealed

Of all the friendships falling out on Real Housewives of New Jersey, perhaps the most surprising one was that of Jackie Goldschneider and Margaret Josephs. The two have been “thick as thieves” since Jackie joined the show. But recent reports indicated that the two are now at odds in their relationship.

Thanks to BravoCon 2023, both Jackie and Marge had a chance to confirm those rumors and speak about their feelings on the matter. And speak they did!

“It’s shocking”

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Marge told Page Six, “I feel sad about it. I think it’s sad, but I think it’s weird. It’s shocking.” While with his wife on the red carpet, house husband Joe Benigno added that their demise was “very surprising.”

But the tuna fish on a budget entrepreneur downplayed her culpability in the breakup by stating, “Normally, I would. I would take responsibility for something like that. But I feel maybe she didn’t love me as much as I thought she did.”

Bickering over books

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So what exactly happened? Rumors have swirled that Margaret was less than supportive of Jackie’s memoir. Something that Marge firmly denied. “I championed her for that book, I wanted her book to be successful. I had my own book with Simon & Schuster [that] did unbelievably well and I want only good things for her,” she asserted.

Marge continued, “I want good things for everybody. Even if I don’t love them, I want good things for people, you know what I’m saying? I support women unconditionally.” 

As for whether or not their dispute was a result of Marge taking credit for Jackie’s deal to write her book, she addressed that head-on. Said Margaret, “No one gets anywhere on their own. This is a team. I have a beautiful team behind me. I couldn’t be me without everybody behind me.”

She then concluded, “I think she got very offended when I said, ‘I championed you,’ and that didn’t mean anything behind it. And I think she was very offended that I said that.”

As for Jackie, she shared, “There was a trust that got broken and I don’t know that that’s so easily repaired.” The RHONJ “friend of” then added, “I’m not sad. I think the friendship kind of came to an end and I think everybody will see it and they’ll understand why I’m not sad.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 is expected to air on Bravo in early 2024.