Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas and Melissa Gorga
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Teresa Giudice Blames Melissa Gorga for Alexia Nepola and Luis Ruelas Dating Rumor

The rumor that Luis Ruelas tried to date Alexia Nepola before pursuing Teresa Giudice seemed to come out of nowhere. However, there was a shred of truth to the rumor, or at least, a good basis for its spread.

Alexia confirmed on an episode of Watch What Happens Live that she and Luis had met more than once before the shady beau ended up on Real Housewives of New Jersey. According to Alexia, she and Luis met on two separate occasions while traveling abroad.

Luis reportedly approached Alexia and the two did talk. Alexia assumed he recognized her from Real Housewives of Miami. But despite Alexia’s attempts to clear the air, Tre has turned the blame toward her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

Luis slams critics as “thirsty for attention”

Page Six caught up with Teresa and Luis at BravoCon 2023, asking them about the rumors regarding Luis and Alexia. “My sister-in-law put it out there,” Tre said. “She’s the one that started it.” Notably, while Melissa had mentioned it at the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 Reunion, Margaret Josephs was the first one to bring it up.

Luis added the claim about him and Alexia was “just a rumor,” and anyone circulating it was “thirsty for attention.” Still, that didn’t stop Garcelle Beauvais from suggesting Alexia’s story was “a little sus.” On WWHL, Alexia said, “I meet a lot of nice people and fans and I don’t think anything of it.”

Andy Cohen followed up, asking, “That then show up in another country? And then wind up marrying a [friend]?” Alexia still insisted there was nothing to their relationship besides the few times they’d chatted before. Even if Melissa is to blame for the rumors, Alexia certainly didn’t do herself any favors in her attempts to extinguish them.

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