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Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann ‘Back Together’ Despite Filing for Divorce Twice

With the heaviest of sighs, it’s my duty to report recent, but predictable news about Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. Kim and Kroy are suffering from massive self-imposed debt. They have repeatedly traumatized their children by fighting in front of them. And the couple are drowning in lawsuits from creditors.

Kim recently appeared on The Surreal Life and Kroy gets about $2k monthly from NFL pension. Despite this, they are unable to pay even the most basic bills and their McMansion is currently on the market. Amid divorce proceedings for the second time, Kim and Kroy must have realized they truly are soul mates, or they simply cannot afford to pay for attorneys. Yes, friends, true love wins once again. The Messenger has the details.

Predictable people don’t disappoint …

Courtesy @kimzbiermann Instagram

Welp, despite more calls to the cops than you can count and tons of nasty accusations, according to sources, Kim and Kroy are back together. It was obviously the next move after the “estranged” couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary and Kim went back to Biermann on Instagram.

I guess Kroy couldn’t stand the thought of his bride making flirty eyes at Chet Hanks in exotic locations. This man is more disappointing than an unsalted pretzel because he was suckered back in. An insider said, “They are back together for now.” I’m happy for Kim and Kroy. Now no one else will be subjected to their penchant for spending money on Uber Eats and Xbox games instead of keeping the lights on.

Over the summer Kroy said Kim was an unfit parent. He also said she lost the family fortune by paying more attention to the slots than her positive income. Kim remains undefeated in being her own worst enemy by living in denial surrounded by a cloud of dry shampoo and stale wine.

During a flurry of calls to law enforcement, while they weren’t getting along, Kim alleged Kroy was possibly suffering from mental instability due to playing football. She also said he blows his money on weed. That said, Kroy is probably proficient in most episodes of Scooby Doo.

What about Real Housewives?

While Kim’s life is certainly dramatic, we’ll have to see if it’s interesting enough for a Real Housewives of Atlanta return. Recently Andy Cohen revealed the door isn’t closed on Kimbo’s comeback. This reconciliation is likely more about money than love, but it appears Mr. and Mrs. Biermann are back in the saddle.

The judge in charge of Kim and Kroy’s divorce is probably thanking multiple deities for getting her out of this mess. But there’s always next week.