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Kristen Doute Reveals Tom Schwartz Had to Reshoot Katie Maloney Beer Pour Scene

Kristen Doute dropped some interesting details on a recent episode of her podcast involving Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. I don’t think any of us sit around believing everything we watch on Bravo is “real.” Maybe a few overly dedicated Real Housewives of New Jersey fans, but for the most part people have a good idea of what’s going on.

This is not to say what you’re watching is “fake” or scripted, but there are times when drama might happen but cameras weren’t ready or the lighting made people look like ghosts. So some scenes may be re-shot to look better for television, even though it might take three times to get it right. Now we find out one of the most iconic and talked-about scenes in Vanderpump Rules history wasn’t a first take, and it’s somewhat disappointing.

When Tom Schwartz showed himself: Take 2

Kristen has been rewatching old episodes of Pump Rules and detailing them on her podcast Sex, Love, and What Else Matters. She maintains the cast does not follow a script, but there is a fair share of recreations for effect.

She shared secrets on the now infamous Season 2 cast trip to Mexico. You remember, when Schwartz dumped a beer on Katie’s orange head … “I have a secret to tell you. The scene with Tom [Schwartz] and Katie [Maloney] and the drink-throwing really f—king happened as you can see. However, the exact moment where Schwartz literally dumped the drink — just that one quick moment — was missed by cameras,” Kristen revealed.

For context, Schwartz and Katie were fighting because he had tried to include everyone’s best buddy Scheana Shay in the group. The fight basically went out to the streets and Tom eventually poured his beer over Katie’s hair. “One of our amazing DPs — our director of photography — had set the camera down for one second or moved it from their shoulders and just missed that little moment, which was f—king insane,” Kristen added.

“We all obviously felt so bad for the camera person because we love our crew. What are the chances, right? So the very next night, Tom and Katie had to go back to the same club and redo that one tiny part,” she continued.

It’s all real, she swears …

After killing our hopes and dreams Kristen made sure to note that the drink throw was the only thing they had to redo.”Everything you see leading up to it as well as all of us being there and consoling Katie — that’s all real. Because we did not go with Tom and Katie back to that bar to shoot that scene. I just feel like it’s one of those things. It was 10 years ago and I just really wanted to say it.”

I will never view this scene the same way again. However, Kristen doesn’t want fans to get all upset over this subterfuge and trickery. “But I don’t want the fans or the viewers to think by any means this was fake. It was just that one split second. But it’s like, how do you air all of what happened in reality if you don’t have the thing that happened.”

“So f—king shout out to Katie Maloney. To go back sober and say, ‘I will take one of the team. Because I love my crew and I love my show. I will not sober let my significant other dump a beer on me,’” Kristen concluded. Thank you, Katie, not all heroes wear capes, I guess.