Real Housewives Spin-Offs That Would Be as Fun as Welcome to Crappie Lake

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Sonja and Luann: Welcome to Crappie Lake was a bigger hit than Bravo once thought. The former stars of the Real Housewives of New York City worked exceptionally well together in a Simple Life remake, except these two women knew what Walmart sold. Crappie Lake offered a look into a quaint town, which was the perfect setting for Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps’ unique personalities. The show did so well that it has viewers thinking the network should look into even more Real Housewives spin-offs. 

Dorinda’s Bourbon Tour

Dorinda Medley/Instagram

Since leaving the Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda Medley has been making Blue Stone Manor her home and has fancied herself a distiller. A fun idea for a possible Real Housewives spin-off could follow around the make-it-nice queen as she works in her distillery pumping out Blue Stone Bourbon. Dorinda’s famed mansion was once a speakeasy and would be the perfect setting to show fans a behind-the-scenes look. 

The series could show patrons sharing a glass of bourbon as workers make the liquid courage they all love. Naturally, Dorinda would be in charge of the whole operation. Ramona Singer could also make an appearance, leading to a Lucy and Ethel grape-stomping vibe. Viewers would watch both women deal with customers, employees, and their own attitudes.  

Alex and Simon’s Travel Journal

Alex McCord/Instagram

Alex McCord and her husband, Simon McCord, have been traveling quite a lot since leaving the show and moving back to Australia. The couple chose to settle in Byron Bay, which is extremely artsy with a hippie vibe. The show would be based on Alex navigating being an American in Australia and all the trials and tribulations that come with it, including the largest house spiders you’ll ever see.

The couple have toured around Oz quite a lot and could be fun TV tour guides for fans. Alex and Simon could taste wine in Adelaide, complete with a camel ride, head to Kangaroo Island, and walk to Sydney Harbor Bridge. With just the right amount of snobby input, the show would definitely be a hit. Bravo fans have been dying for an update about Alex, so this would be a natural fit for the network.

Gizelle Bryant’s Home Makeover

Gizelle Bryant/Instagram

As fans of the Real Housewives of Potomac know, Gizelle Bryant took part in a lengthy home renovation that had her living in separate wings of her home and the ladies not so much enjoying a gathering in her driveway. But now that her home is complete and gorgeous, I may add, wouldn’t it be fun to watch Gizelle help others redo their dream homes? 

Picture it. 2024, Potomac area, and Gizelle is wearing a pink hard hat, trying to convey her ideas to the contractor, who has no idea what the mother of three is talking about. Thankfully, Grace, Adore, and Angel are there to lend a helping hand and translate what actually would look good. The nervous family stands in the wings, questioning whether they should have trusted the reality TV star. But somehow, someway, Gizelle, with her questionable tastes, pulls it off—most of the time. 

Sonja’s in a Pickle

Sonja Morgan/Instagram

For years, Sonja and her intern program have been the most fascinating part of her story at times. I would love to see a show that shares how her program works and which colleges actually give credit for being an intern. A spin-off could show the tasks that Sonja has her pupils do and confessionals revealing their qualms and issues with their fearless leader.

It wouldn’t hurt if the internship were actually a rich kid version of Beyond Scared Straight. Could it really be that the interns wash her panties in the bidet and pick up dog poop? We shall see.

Family Therapy: The Richards Sisters


No one can convince me differently that Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, and Kathy Hilton are not made for TV. It’s all thanks to their family drama. I think the only way a show like this could work is if the three sisters go back and talk about their childhood in depth, including what happened with their mother. It would also be important to have Mauricio Umanksy and Rich Hilton as cameos to note when their wives aren’t being truthful about their life experiences. 

The show could also give fans the true story of the Palm Springs house that caused a major rift between Kim and Kyle. It would be interesting to hear what Kim’s children have to say about their own childhood and their mother’s struggle with alcohol. Paris Hilton could also make an appearance to share how her mother and aunt’s fighting affected her. I would watch all of it, no questions asked.