Camille Grammer Has Choice Words For “The Puppygate Girl Gang”; Surprised Kyle Richards Was Not Offended By Lisa Rinna’s Behavior Toward Kim Richards

Sybil, I mean, Camille Grammer needs an Emmy. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newlywed is pretty much holding down the fort in the drama department. Otherwise, the ladies would continue dragging out, I can’t believe I have to type this again, #puppygateFrom feuds with the always accountable Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave to commenting on Lisa Vanderpump’s alleged dental hygiene predicament, Bravo should be throwing diamonds at this woman.

We’ve recently seen Camille’s wedding to David C. Meyer in a lavish trip to Hawaii. After venting to the group about Lisa V.’s absence from the ceremony, an online article pops up where Camille basically says it was no biggie Lisa ditched the nuptials. So is Camille trying to soften the potential reunion blow? Or is she a genuine friend to anyone Lisa V.? This woman must have legs of steel, with all of her backpedaling.

Camille Donatucci Grammer Meyer 007 has not had an easy year. She lost her Malibu home in the horrible fires. She’s also been involved in a court case against the piece of shit Dimitri Charalambopoulos for assault and defamation. Add in planning a wedding. She says that’s why the ladies’ response to the online article caught her off guard.

Camille wrote in her Bravo blog, “I was completely caught by surprise by the comments emanating from the mouths of my so-called girlfriends from Beverly Hills that came to my wedding in Hawaii in their van ride to the airport.” This is pure gold, “emanating from the mouths”. I can’t.

OF COURSE, THEY DID. You know every moment Lisa Rinna isn’t talking smack is a second off her life. Then of course, Dorit Kemsley called her a “bitch”. Camille continued, “Rather than being happy for me, they found a pretext for condemning me just hours after my nuptials. The origin of their derision was a People Magazine article in which I gave the interview a week before my wedding in which I acknowledged Lisa’s words of encouragement to take the leap into marriage.” Where is her Pulitzer already?

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Camille shared, “I guess it has come to the point that one cannot say nice things about Lisa without betraying the Puppygate Girl Gang. It appears that any positive words about LVP will put one in the doghouse, if not a kill shelter.” If Not A Kill Shelter…DUCK AND COVER, DUCK AND COVER!

Camille goes on to say she doesn’t understand why she can’t be upset that LVP missed the wedding when, “since some have been trying for weeks to get back in her good graces”. 007, I am telling you.

She concluded the assault blog by referencing how easily triggered the ladies seem. Kyle Richards easily triggered? Lisa R., shut up Rinna easily triggered? How dare you, Camille!

“There are other indications that the least provocation will set some of them off. The appearance of Kim Richards at her niece’s birthday caused Lisa R’s channeling Erika Jayne to lambast her. Maybe it was because it was Halloween, but that was downright weird, inappropriate, and way over the top. I am also surprised that Kyle was not appalled and offended by it.” Night-night, Rinna!

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And then it was Dorit’s turn. Camille wrote, “Meanwhile, Dorit is still acting like the victim here when the victim was clearly Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. I am happy to learn she has subsequently upgraded her environment with a less high maintenance owner. For the life of me, I still don’t understand why the puppy wasn’t returned to Vanderpump Dogs in the first place. That would have avoided all of this nonsense.” #ripdorit

I don’t know, Camille might be my new hero. Hey Camille, can you go for Kyle next? Kidding! I wonder if this is Camille’s damage control effort after her tacky comments about LVP. Maybe she’s another victim of LVP’s Jedi mind control. Either way, it makes me look forward to the reunion.

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