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Is Carlton Gebbia Returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Carlton Gebbia is a blast from the past for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans. Viewers will recall she was one of the first to get under Kyle Richards’ skin, Kyle also thought Carlton used her Wiccan powers to haunt her computer. Yes, that happened.

The audience was pretty divided on the newbie, she was one and done but she was definitely interesting. You either loved her or disliked her immensely and there wasn’t a lot of gray area. While Season 4 is now a distant memory, Kyle’s favorite sorceress might not be for much longer. Andy Cohen explained on Watch What Happens Live.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who Annoys Kyle Most of All?

It’s no secret Kyle doesn’t like having her feathers ruffled. While Sutton Stracke is currently the one causing Kyle’s woes, Carlton walked so Sutton could run. We don’t get a lot of gothy witches on the Real Housewives franchise, so Carlton’s brief time holding a diamond managed to leave an impression.

She famously didn’t get along with Ky but fellow Brit Lisa Vanderpump always seemed mildly amused by Carlton’s antics. In a memorable moment most fans embrace, Carlton had the audacity to get a tattoo that confused Kyle. As a result, it set off a stream of petty indifferences.

After Carlton left RHOBH behind, her family suffered a break-up. She and husband David separated in 2016 and David filed for divorce in 2017. At the time, Carlton claimed she was blindsided by David’s decision to end the marriage.

Is Carlton casting a spell to return?

While Carlton remained active on social media, she mainly stayed out of the limelight – until now. On a recent episode of WWHL, Andy asked his guest to share some of her hottest takes regarding Bravo. “I need you, desperately, to bring back Carlton on [The Real Housewives of] Beverly Hills,” she replied.

Andy then revealed Carlton had coincidentally been in touch with him. “Wow, OK, Wow. Interesting. That is interesting and what’s also interesting [is] I just heard from her, so maybe there’s something in the ether.”

Naturally, Andy’s guest was thrilled as Carlton’s magical powers seemingly began to take hold. “Why did that send me a chill,” she asked. Andy noted the situation was “Very interesting.” With that, Carlton made a note to stop by the Witchcraft Emporium after lunch.

We haven’t seen Carlton since Season 4 – but is there a chance she might pop up for Season 14? Could she have some kind of connection to the number four and scaring Kyle? We’ll have to wait and see.

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