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Tom Schwartz Defends Sandoval AGAIN, Says He Is ‘Re-Humanized’

Tom Schwartz might need a hobby. Or get into public relations. This man stars on Vanderpump Rules and he co-owns two bars in West Hollywood. You might think he has zero free time on his hands, but you would be wrong. In lieu of knitting or putting on his caftan and playing Mahjong, Tom continues to defend Tom Sandoval.

We get it, Sandoval and Schwartz will be BFFs until the end of time, despite any questionable choices they individually make. While we’re allegedly seeing a contrite Sandoval in Season 11, Schwartzy is going big by saying he’s “re-humanized.” People has the details.

A worm without a mustache

Ahead of Pump Rules returning in January, Schwartz is on the press stroll proclaiming how wonderful Sandoval is. I think it’s great he has unwavering support for Tom, but are we really listening to Schwartz for reliable information?

According to Tom 2, VPR viewers will see Sandoval go on his redemption journey. “I think early stage redemption arc, I think it would be nice to see Tom re-humanized,” Schwartz added. I think it would be nice if Tom apologized to Rachel Leviss for recording her without consent, but that’s not likely either.

Schwartzy continued his plea. “I mean, some people, it’s beyond forgiveness, I guess, for some of the audience, but just it’d be nice to remind people that he has a great heart and he’s a good person who did a very dumb thing.” Says the guy who also did multiple “dumb things” to his now ex-wife, which is the reason he has said ex-wife.

Tom 2 feels Sandy isn’t the evil villain people see him as, despite terrorizing the greater West Hollywood community with his karaoke “skills.” “He’s not a monster. He’s not a worm with a mustache. He’s a worm without a mustache now — just kidding,” Schwartz said, trying to be comical.

The BravoCon Backlash

Now we’re on to defending Pump Rules cast members who said they would be loyal to Ariana Madix, but apparently do not understand the definition of the word. Scheana Shay and her husband received an epic amount of smack from fans after hanging out with Sandoval at BravoCon. Schwartz called the “pettiness” from the fans “borderline unspeakable.” Sure, Jan.

“I don’t think there was any betrayal there. It popped in for 10 minutes, from what I understand. I wasn’t in there when Scheana was in there, but I was slightly annoyed that they got criticism for that. Come on guys,” Schwartz noted. Who’s gonna tell Schwartz the only person surprised by Scheana’s move was exactly no one?

But thankfully Sandoval has thick skin. “[Tom] can take it. He’s put a lot of work into himself mentally, physically, and we had a good talk about it.” Oh nice, he talked to Schwartz about it so everything is cool now.

We’ll have to see if this strategy works out for both Tom 1 and Tom 2.

Vanderpump Rules will return with Season 11 in January 2024.