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Tom Sandoval Continues to Complain: ‘Fought So Hard’ for Rachel Leviss

Welcome back to Gaslighting 101 with Professor Tom Sandoval. Ahead of Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Tom is on the stroll doing what he does best, playing the victim. There’s no accountability but there are notes of narcissism.

On a recent episode of Two Ts in a Pod, Sandoval and Tom Schwartz showed up to wax poetic about the mistakes they’ve made in life. Schwartz is doing his droopy dog best to continue defending his BFF, and Sandoval is still running his mouth about Rachel Leviss. Now he’s further victimized as he reveals he “fought so hard” for his relationship with her. Sounds like someone headed to Broadway has this man triggered.

More than a woman to Tom

According to Sandoval, he’s still bruised from Rachel dumping him after the Pump Rules Season 10 reunion. He told Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp, “I fought so hard for Rachel.” I guess Rachel didn’t think he was worth the enormous amount of trouble she faced, so she peaced out.

“I stopped drinking, I stopped smoking cigarettes because she went away to a facility. I’m like, ‘She can’t drink, she can’t smoke’. I’m gonna quit,” Tom added. And? Who asked him to sacrifice his vices? As most people know, immediately after being eviscerated at the reunion and having the threat of Ariana Madix’s dog haunt her, Rachel left for a mental health facility.

“I was there in any way that she needed,” he continued. “We were best friends. It’s heartbreaking to go through. I was fully in love with her. She’s not just some hot girl. I was a model for 15 years, it’s deeper than that.” Wait, did he just say he was a model for 15 years? The hell does that have to do with anything?

Tom was asked if he believed Rachel truly loved him and he replied, “I hope she did.” Either that or she was so wrapped up in whatever Svengali situation he had going and she completely lost herself in it. Thankfully she had the wherewithal to identify a toxic issue and make moves to fix it. We’re still waiting on that from Tom.

“The way she just shooed me away, I don’t know, I’m not in her head,” Tom whined. Bro. He cheated on his partner of ten years with Rachel. In previous seasons of VPR it was documented he cheated on Kristen Doute. What in his right mind makes him think he’s a catch? The karaoke?

He sang the pain away


this is so specific but I saw someone else post their tom sandoval karaoke video so I needed to post mine from october ? #vanderpumprules #tomsandoval #pumprules #bravo #lol

♬ original sound – Aimeé

Sandoval advised he also wanted to get some counseling after Scandoval but he “had to make money,” Additionally, he implied Ariana was promoting an environment that encouraged suicide. That’s one hell of a statement from someone who recorded an intimate moment with the one he loved so much and didn’t bother to let her know. Someone who lied to his partner and had a full-on affair with her friend. But let’s blame Ariana.

He’s also saying Ari isn’t paying the bills. “Every single month, all the bills come out of my accounts. The mortgage comes out of my account every month. So, while Ariana’s shooting all these ads, she’s six months behind in bills.” Oof, he sounds so angry. It must sting to see her reach the bright lights of Broadway when he’ll only see the warming food lamps of Golden Corral.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 will return to Bravo in January 2024. Tom’s accountability is TBD.