Vanderpump Rules Cast Members Who Squashed Major Beefs

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Vanderpump Rules Season 10 left its cast divided. Here, Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss‘ affair came to light, leaving everyone to side with Sandoval’s now-ex, Ariana Madix. In addition, everyone (minus Tom Schwartz) heavily lashed out at the exposed lovers, which didn’t help Rachel’s mental state. Speaking of Schwartz, his covering for Sandoval, alongside his own divorce from the often gaslit Katie Maloney, also saw himself taking a fall from grace…finally.

It was a lot. But if there is one thing that this hit Bravo series has shown, it’s that nothing lasts forever. In fact, leaked images from Season 11 have surfaced, showing multiple cast members once again hanging out with Sandoval and Schwartz. That said, Rachel has chosen to avoid filming, further protecting her mental health after backlash that went way too far, if you ask us.

Basically, this friend group is a hot mess. They break up, make up, date each other’s exes, and sometimes fight sans shirts in random parking lots. However, in time, they usually come back together, burying the hatchet like nothing ever happened. Case in point, here are some of our favorite Vanderpump Rules stars who squashed beefs as seen thus far, and yeah, there’s…a lot.

Lala Kent and Katie Maloney


Lala Kent and Katie’s friendship has been a wild ride. When Lala first joined the cast, it was hate at first sight for this pair. Whenever tempers flared, Katie could be found slut-shaming Lala, while Lala was seen body-shaming Katie in return. It was gross.

In Season 6, Lala put Katie’s then-man Schwartz on blast, claiming that Schwartz had cheated on Katie by making out with one of Lala’s friends. When Katie announced their divorce in Season 10, she and the also newly-single Lala joined forces, living it up as two single ladies on the WeHo prowl. These scenes were fun. Hopefully, Lala and Katie can continue to keep their beefs squashed moving forward, as they make for a fun, strong pairing when friends.

Katie Maloney and James Kennedy

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In the past, James Kennedy joined Lala in her body shamming of Katie. In retaliation, Katie went to their mutual boss (and executive producer) Lisa Vanderpump, trying to get James fired from his DJ gigs at SUR. Fortunately, James cut back on his drinking, and in Season 8, he genuinely apologized to Katie in the dugouts of a SUR-Tom Tom softball game. This same season, James had Katie’s back when she was being gaslit by Schwartz, simply because she accurately found a false arrest prank horrifying.

James went on to further defend Katie against Schwartz at the Season 10 reunion. This case of squashed beef makes us happy, and hopefully, their friendship will continue on in Season 11.

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay/Instagram

You’d never know it by looking at them today, but Lala and Scheana Shay have not always been tight. When Scheana suffered a miscarriage, she slammed Lala for her “fakeness,” as Lala chose to hang out with celebrities instead of comforting her friend. Lala hit back, claiming that Scheana was trying to cash in on a years ago fling with John Mayer.

Thankfully, the ladies reconnected after becoming mothers. With neighboring houses in Palm Springs and daughters who are besties, these two have definitely come a long way, squashing multiple beefs in the process.

Kristen Doute and Ariana Madix

Kristen Doute/Instagram

Kristen Doute briefly returned to filming during Season 10, solely to support Ariana post her breakup with Sandoval. In the past, Kristen also dated Sandoval. Their pairing was toxic, and both strayed. When rumors of Sandoval’s straying with Ariana arose, Kristen saw red, which deepened once Ariana and Sandoval began dating.

In an unexpected twist, Kristen and Ariana moved forward. When Scandoval broke, Kristen was right by Ariana’s side. Ariana needed someone who fully got Sandoval’s ways, so this squashed beef was a great full-circle moment on Vanderpump Rules.

James Kennedy and Jax Taylor


Jax Taylor is an OG who was fired multiple seasons ago. However, rumors are swirling that Jax has filmed a bit for Season 11, so there’s that. When Jax was on-air, his friendship with James was a mess. Jax slammed James for his disrespect towards women, which was ironic, while James hysterically hit back with one-liners such as “be a good boy, old man.”

Whenever they fought, however, Jax could be seen trying his hardest not to laugh. It’s clear that he found his sparring partner funny. Currently, the pair are in a great place, which we love. When these two have zero beef between them, they produce fun scenes, which we hope to see more of in Season 11.

Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay


Katie and Scheana have had 10 long seasons of ups and downs. Katie often felt that Scheana wasn’t a girls girl. Meanwhile, Scheana felt ostracized by Katie. When Katie’s divorce became public, Scheana wasn’t understanding, and this set Katie off.

Scheana encouraged Schwartz to date Rachel, even though he and Katie had agreed that neither would date anyone in this group. So yeah, this wasn’t great. However, when Ariana needed her girls post heartbreak, Katie and Scheana put their beefs aside. Hopefully, Season 11 will show these two still on the same page, as women really are better together.

Lala Kent and Brock Davies

(Photo by: Noam Galai/Bravo via Getty Images)

When Scheana’s now-husband, Brock Davies, was introduced during Season 9, Lala felt like something was off. Upon learning of Brock’s past, which involved failure to pay child support and a domestic abuse allegation, she slammed Scheana’s man. However, her words hit a mark, and in Season 10, we saw Brock thanking Lala for calling him out. Brock has now paid his child support and his friendship with Lala is intact, with all beefs squashed.

Like I said. Nothing in this group lasts forever.