Everything That’s Leaked About the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Finale

Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix, Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay
(Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images)

The cast of Vanderpump Rules has just wrapped filming on Season 11. As Season 10’s storylines were dark and messy, many fans were left wondering how this subsequent season would fare. Even the Season 10 reunion was a dumpster fire, complete with a restraining order and harsher than necessary words spoken. Therefore, our questions are huge on how (and if) this once close friends group can even begin to move forward.

Will Katie Maloney continue to read Tom Schwartz for filth, and can they mend their shaky friendship post-divorce? Is Ariana Madix completely stressed out about living with Tom Sandoval after he cheated on her with Rachel Leviss? Does anyone hang out with either of the Toms? Will Lisa Vanderpump finally hold the boys just as accountable as she does the women?

Thankfully, the Season 11 finale episode was filmed just two weeks ago. From the leaks that have transpired, it appears that some positive steps forward have been taken. Nevertheless, the drama seen during Season 11 will likely still be on tap at every bar that these cast members either pretend to work at or own. As for the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale, this is everything that has been leaked thus far.

The Main Filming Location, Date, and Entertainment

Gold Bar Whiskey/Instagram

Over on Instagram, Gold Bar Whiskey spilled some tea. “The Season 11 finale of @pumprulesbravo was filmed at the brand new Gold Bar Whiskey Distillery,” they shared. The location for this distillery is in San Francisco, which is just a short flight away from Los Angeles.

The No Filter With Zack Peter podcast host was in agreement with this location. Zack then added “the finale is filming this Friday (September 1) in San Francisco. I do know that because I was invited.” We officially now know that the finale was tapped two weeks ago, and that the cast will be traveling to San Francisco during the Season 11 finale.

Oh, one more thing. Scheana Shay is pictured on the stage. It is highly likely that she will be featured as part of the entertainment, and as she is dressed completely in gold, I think that we can all safely assume at least one song that she will be performing. Basically, it’s all happening for our Good as Gold singer, and it’s all going down at the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale.

Which Cast Members Were Present?

Gold Bar Whiskey/Instagram

On a separate post, the distillery also shared a fun reel of their big event. From this, we now know that every single main cast member traveled to San Francisco. Katie, both Toms, Ariana, Scheana, Lala Kent, and James Kennedy were all present. In addition, James’ girlfriend, Ally Lewber, and Scheana’s husband, Brock Davies, were also both seen.

That’s not all though! In her since-expired stories, former cast member Kristen Doute posted herself on a flight that was bound for San Francisco just prior to the finale taping. However, whether or not Kristen will receive any camera time remains to be seen. That said, all of these faces together should make for an entertaining Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale.

Ariana’s Date Was Daniel Wai

Ultimate Bravo Trip/Instagram

Ariana’s moving forward post heartbreak, and we couldn’t be happier. Her new man, Daniel Wai, was spotted by her side in San Francisco, helping Ariana to exit a chauffeured car. As an aside, this captured video of Ariana’s Season 11 finale date is hot, and we hope to see more of this new pairing in Season 11.

Sandoval Might Have Also Had a Date


Tom Sandoval and Lika Osipova were seeing arriving together at Kyle Chan & Gold Bar Whiskey Launch Party in San Francisco! Thanks to our followers we had information from inside of the party that they left together and were physically affectionate. This “friendship” been going on since July. What do you guys think? #tomsandoval #likaosipova #vanderpumprules #scandoval #arianamadix #newgirl #dating #pumprules #likao #bravo #realitytv #lagossip #lagossiptv #lagossiptvexclusive #sanfrancisco #kylechandesign #goldbarwhiskey #bottegataboo @Tom Sandoval @Lika Osipova

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Rachel is not coming back for filming, and she is also no longer with Tom. Tom doesn’t seem too upset, however, as spotted by his side at the Season 11 reunion was Lika Osipova, a Russian actress. Tom and Lika are rumored to be dating.

On a different note, Tom might have also been joined by an aspiring musician named Tii. She was also seen at this event alongside Tom. Currently, Tom is denying that he is in a relationship with Tii, but honesty isn’t always Tom’s best trait, so… Whoever Tom is currently with, or not with, will hopefully be uncovered during the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale.

Katie Converses With Schwartz and Jo Wenberg


Season 10 hinted at a romance between Schwartz and Jo Wenberg, who is Kristen’s former best friend. Katie is not a fan of Jo’s, and as this captured video teases, she and Jo will be having it out during the Season 11 finale. In this video, Schwartz is also seen, likely agreeing to everything that Jo says while belittling anything that Katie stresses.

We hate it here. Lala’s face is all of ours in this moment, tired.

A Fan Causes Drama

Pump Rules Bravo/Instagram

This video has been shared multiple times online, and for a bit, no one really knew what was transpiring within. Basically, Sandoval is seen racing to where some random guy was grabbing a chair in an aggressive manner, and as the muscular security guards surrounded this man, pinning his arms to his sides, Sandoval can be seen, grabbing the chair away, like a hero! Also…no, and if the Season 11 finale paints him in this light, I’m out.

Just kidding, I’m never leaving this show.

Enter in Lala on her Amazon Live, spilling that Season 11 finale tea. “That was not set-up” she began, explaining that this man was throwing glassware and vases, hawking them across the room. Lala described this man as an intoxicated “giant fan” of the show. During the Season 11 finale tapping, she stated that this unknown man kept encroaching on the cast’s area, “acting inappropriately” with the various personalities.

Wrapping up her live, Lala added that she wasn’t sure if production captured all of this going down, or, maybe it was just caught on various guests’ camera phones. In addition, Lala stressed that, thankfully, no one was hurt.

Overall, the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale looked messy, confrontational, and…odd. Quite frankly, we’re here for all of it, minus Schwartz’s new hair.