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Where Does Brittany Cartwright Stand With Lisa Vanderpump?

It’s out of sight, out of mind, seemingly, for the Vanderpump Rules matriarch. After Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright left Pump Rules in 2020, their professional and routine contact with Lisa Vanderpump came to an end. At the time, it remained to be seen whether they would remain in touch.

In 2023, Brittany told VPR fans that Lisa and Jax had no relationship to speak of, despite having been close all those years of filming together. Now, the Kentucky native is updating fans on the relationship with Lisa.

“It goes both ways,” Brittany said

During an exclusive interview with Heavy, the Bravolebrity revealed that there has been no recent contact with the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. Sadly, due to the lapse in communication, Lisa has “never met,” Brittany and Jax’s two-year-old son, Cruz.

“She hasn’t really reached out or talked to us or anything,” the mother-of-one revealed.

“She’s never seen him. She doesn’t reach out to us,” Brittany added of her son, though she revealed that Lisa sent a gift for Cruz’s birth two months after the fact.

The reality TV star tried to initiate a reconciliation after Lisa broke her leg in 2022.

“She was like, ‘Thank you. I miss you.’ And I was like, ‘I miss you too. I love you too.’ Because I do. I have so much respect for Lisa and I always will,” the former SUR employee stated.

It’s a surprise to the couple, who enjoyed such a personal relationship with LVP during their time filming together. Lisa was always one to give advice to her staff.

As such, Brittany “definitely thought [Lisa] would be a bigger part of [her] life than she is right now.”

“But again, I still love her. I still respect her,” she concluded. “And so I’m grateful for everything that she’s done for me. And allowing me to be on Vanderpump Rules for the five years that I was. So you know, there’s so much that I love about her. She’s like the classiest, cutest thing ever. So I just wish she would be around us a little bit more.”

Brittany and Jax will keep trying though. She admitted that they “could be doing better on [their] end” to pursue a reconciliation.

“It kind of goes both ways,” The Valley star added.

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