Why VPR Fans Take Issue With Lala’s Comments About Sobriety

(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

I don’t know where I currently stand with Lala Kent on the newest season of Vanderpump Rules, but she is annoying me. Between her ostentatious corset/leopard outfits and her uncanny ability to insert herself into others’ drama, the mother of one is just rubbing me the wrong way. Just like other die-hard viewers I have been watching VPR for years, so when Lala first stepped onto the scene with her BJ Range Rover I thought “okay this girl is wild” but I figured she would find her place amongst the SUR servers.

While she has essentially found a home amongst the cast, she still really likes to come across as angry and tough. Her most recent comments about sobriety have left a bad taste in fans’ mouths. Many feel Lala needs to be more thoughtful with her choice of words. 

Lala’s Journey

Lala Kent/Instagram

Lala celebrated her five-year anniversary last year with an Instagram Post that read, “On this day, I replay my rock bottom moment. All the details of what happened on this day. Waking up, admitting I was powerless, and for the first time in many years seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m so grateful for this day.” Lala left a message of hope for those still struggling, writing, “I will continue to work hard for my sobriety, & take a moment of silence for the alcoholic who still suffers. I see you- I love you. Thank you, God. Happy birthday to me!”

We can say it: Lala was a mess when she drank in the early days of Vanderpump Rules. And I know, Lala, you hate when people talk about your past, but that is just a part of life, so if you can keep your PR team moving along, it is appreciated. Anyway Lala was always a polarizing character thanks to always freely sharing her usually strong opinions, skinny dipping in front of the taken male cast, and never backing down from a fight. So Lala quitting drinking was huge, not only for her but for the series because the dynamic changed. 

Lala’s Sober Comments

Lala Kent/Instagram

During a recent episode, Tom Schwartz shared that he was “sober curious” after getting some pretty bad news about his brothers. But instead of supporting her friend, Lala had some strong feelings about people who claim to be California-sober or sober-curious. Lala commented that she doesn’t “recognize either of those things.” and threw shade at Schwartz for his half measure.

It is obvious that Lala treats sobriety as an all-or-nothing kind of thing, which is pretty rigid and not necessarily helpful to those around her. I can understand if Lala was struggling with her own sobriety how others using around could be triggering. But she has been pretty solid in her journey so why try to bring others down for trying what works for them? 

This isn’t the first time that Lala has come across as holier than thou, but her comment about not recognizing Tom’s “sober curious” moment didn’t seem okay in my book. The whole point of sober curiosity is for someone to really look inward as they try to figure out if that is a lifestyle choice they want to make for themselves. Lala’s careless word choice could really discourage others who are thinking of a sober life from actually committing to it. 

Fans Are Not Impressed

Lala Kent/Instagram

Naturally, annoyed Vanderpump Rules fans took to Reddit to share a few insightful thoughts on the matter. One fan so was outraged by Lala’s way of thinking they wrote, “Her black and white thinking about sobriety probably keeps HER sober, but she doesn’t need to preach it or act like her sobriety is more important than other peoples sober curious or California sober.”

It is clear that one-size-fits-all sobriety isn’t always how the process works. Another follower noted, “I hated her vibe when she said she didn’t recognize California sober or sober curious as things. I actually really love her commitment to her sobriety and agree that she doesn’t have to agree that smoking weed is ok or whatever. BUT I hate the way she looks down on anyone that’s working on their substance use habits in any way that differs from her. It’s icky to me.”

Fans think Lala’s strict approach to sobriety is too rigid and could potentially deter others who are looking to make changes in their lives. It’s great that Lala is doing well with her sobriety, but she should accept other people’s sober (or semi-sober) journeys.