Times When Tom Schwartz Proved He’s Just as Bad as Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz
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Tom Schwartz made his Vanderpump Rules debut in Season 1, appearing in a part-time role as Katie Maloney‘s boyfriend and Tom Sandoval‘s best friend. When Schwartz became full-time in Season 3, his puppy dog eyes and playful nature often saw his poor behavior ignored. After marrying Katie in Season 5, Schwartz began to heavily use his bride as a scapegoat. As several members of the cast clashed with Katie, this tactic worked well for several seasons.

Prior to filming for Season 10, Katie filed for divorce. This decision came on the heels of multiple cheating allegations (on Schwartz’s end) and an overall disconnect between the pair. Katie has also grown tired over Schwartz’s lack of support during cast arguments. Not shockingly, one of Katie’s biggest non-supporters was Sandoval.

Once Season 10 began, Schwartz’s nice guy act came to an end via the #Scandoval storyline. Here, Sandoval’s affair with Rachel Leviss (formally known as Raquel Leviss) saw Schwartz’s involvement with the wrong team yet again. As Schwartz’s duplicitous nature aired, many viewers began to look back on his past behaviors, realizing that Katie’s frustrations might have been justified all along.

Here are the moments that are now being called out, proving that Tom Schwartz is really just as bad as As Tom Sandoval.

Season 1 – Schwartz Pours One Out On Stassi Schroeder

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In Season 1, the former on-again off-again duo of Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor were fighting. Here, nice guy Schwartz decided to interject himself into their fight by quietly saying “F**k you, Stassi.” When a shocked Stassi turned to Schwartz, he didn’t retreat. Instead, he doubled-down on his comment, saying “Yeah, you heard me b***h.”

With two men now acting in an aggressive manner towards her, Stassi reacted by throwing her drink on Schwartz. In return, Schwartz stood up and poured beer all over Stassi, twice. Yes. Stassi’s physical actions came first, but Schwartz’s words started this mess, and this is a hill we will gladly die on.

Season 2 – Schwartz Pours One Out On Katie Maloney


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When Season 2 returned, Schwartz’s aggression towards women, and love of a good drink pour, also resumed. This time, it happened after he took Scheana Shay‘s side over his then-girlfriend Katie’s. In this encounter, Schwartz’s poured drink landed on Katie’s head as he exclaimed to the love of his love, “F**k off, man.”

Schwartz’s pattern of placing everyone else before Katie, in addition to his hostility, woke Katie up a bit. “I have this relationship all wrong. This relationship is so, this relationship is f**ked up, man,” Katie could be heard saying, as her friends helped her to dry off. If only Katie had cut all ties at this point.

(Likely) All 10 Seasons – Schwartz Cheated On Katie


Almost every season, rumors have swirled over Schwartz’s cheating. In season 3, Kristen Doute took Stassi to lunch. Here, Kristen revealed that she knew “for sure” that Schwartz had cheated on Katie with two different girls. Scheana later added to this by revealing that Schwartz also made out with one of her friends.

At the start of Season 6, Schwartz got blackout drunk and made out with Lala Kent‘s friend while Katie was on a trip to New York. Keeping in mind that the pair were wed during Season 5, this allegation, which Schwartz later admitted to, is beyond bad.

Let’s also not forget the time he disappeared for an entire night while the cast was in Mexico, claiming to have fallen asleep at another resort. Or the time he disappeared in Atlantic City while with the guys. Or…you get the point.

All 10 Seasons – Schwartz Demeans Women


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Schwartz’s treatment of women has NEVER matched that of his energy given to the men. He has helped the men cover up their cheating ways and poor decisions time after time, while raging at a woman just for telling him that he’s wrong.

For example, in Season 8, the rotten Randall Emmett and Jax hired fake cops to arrest Sandoval at a party. Katie rightfully labeled this as a joke in poor taste, due to police brutality being on the rise. Recoiling at Katie’s correct take on the situation, Schwartz first told her to “shut up,” then proclaimed that he’s “never been more turned off in his life.” He then told the entire room, “this is why I never have sex with her.”

Schwartz had nothing bad to say to the men involved.

In Seasons 7 and 10, the women began to dish it back. When Schwartz told Scheana that all she cared about was selfies, she replied “and all you care about is making out with f***king chicks in bars.” When Schwartz attacked Lala by commenting on her looks, her career, and her parenting, she fought back as well. Under Lala’s anger, Schwartz cowered, trying to pass his words off as a joke.

Season 9 – Schwartz “Jokes” About Katie’s Womb

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Stassi and Lala both have daughters. On-air, Katie spoke on her desires to have children, but during her marriage to Schwartz, the pair were never able to conceive. After posting Katie with her friend’s children, Schwartz wrote an incredibly insensitive comment, asking Katie where her child was.

Guess what he then cried after receiving backlash? This too was just “a joke.”

Season 10 – Schwartz Covers For and Defends Sandoval

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Unbeknownst to everyone, Sandoval and Rachel were having an affair throughout Season 10. Schwartz later admitted to having knowledge of this, but did he stop his friend from cheating on Ariana Madix? No. He instead also made-out with Rachel.

This occurred during Scheana’s wedding, just feet away from Katie, who had asked her ex not to hook up with a cast member post their divorce.

Schwartz later admitted that this kiss was indeed meant to anger Katie, but many believe it served another purpose; to cover for Sandoval’s affair with Rachel. When the affair became public, Schwartz encouraged viewers on Watch What Happens Live to give Sandoval a hug.

Ariana and Katie have since distanced themselves from both of the Toms.