Tom Sandoval’s Dating History

Tom Sandoval
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Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval made headlines after a video of him kissing his new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson made the rounds on X. Victoria is Sandoval’s first public relationship since his affair with Rachel Leviss blew up in March 2023.

Now that Sandoval has a new woman in his life, lets take a look back at some of his past romances.

First Love

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In an October episode of his podcast “Everybody Loves Tom,” Sandoval opened up about his first love, whom he met at space camp. The cover band star revealed that her name was Meghan, and they would talk for hours on the phone as young kids.

“She lived in Hastings, Nebraska. It was always sort of that yearning feeling,” he said on the episode. “We would rack up $100 phone bills. We would see each other once every two or three years. It was so magical and so exciting. And she was the most beautiful person on the planet to me at that point.”

He compared the feelings he had for Meghan to the rush he felt during his relationship with Rachel, telling guest Dr. Drew Pinsky that she reminded him of his first love.

Mystery Girlfriend

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On the episode with Dr. Drew, Sandoval also opened up about his first serious relationship. It was with a girl he lived with in Chicago. He described the relationship as “not great,” calling his ex “mean.”

“I thinks she had insecurities and she would take it out on me,” he told Dr. Drew. “[She] got kind of controlling.”

Sandoval did not reveal any personal details about the ex.

Kristen Doute (2006-2013)

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Sandoval and Kristen Doute dated from 2006 to 2013. The pair’s volatile romance was captured on Vanderpump Rules. From cheating rumors to blow-up fights, fans wondered why the two stuck together. Kristen later agreed with fans on an episode of her podcast, admitting she and Sandoval should’ve called it quits after two years.

The demise of their relationship stemmed from a number of issues but Sandoval discovering his girlfriend had slept with his close friend Jax Taylor was the final straw.

Ariana Madix (2014-2023)

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After his relationship with Kristen ended, Sandoval pursued his longtime friend and co-worker, Ariana Madix. The two became “Instagram official” in February 2014. The Missouri native shared a photo from their first trip to Northern California alongside the caption, “[Ariana] and I took a trip up north and stopped by the Clift in SF.”

The two dated for nearly a decade before it came to a shocking end in 2023. In March of that year, news broke that Sandoval had been cheating on Ariana with her close friend Rachel Leviss for 7 months. It was the biggest scandal VPR had seen in years and fans lost their minds over it. Since then, the two have moved on but continue to live in the same house due to conflicting ideas about what to do with their joint home.

Rachel Leviss (2022-2023)

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Sandoval’s affair with Rachel began in the summer of 2022 and ended in 2023. Ariana discovered the affair in March of 2023 after finding an explicit FaceTime video of Rachel on Sandoval’s phone. Sandoval and Rachel flirted with the idea of a relationship after the scandal broke but it didn’t pan out.

Rachel decided to cut all communication with Sandoval in the summer of 2023. In 2024, Rachel launched her podcast “Rachel Goes Rogue,” where she claimed Sandoval love bombed her and said the relationship wasn’t “real love.”

Victoria Lee Robinson (2024)

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Fans first learned of Sandoval’s relationship with Victoria in January after the VPR star shared photos of them getting cozy in a January 31 Instagram Story. During a February appearance on his friend Billie Lee’s podcast, Sandoval gushed about his new lady, calling her his new addiction.

“She’s super awesome. She’s one of the sweetest people,” he said on the podcast.

Victoria has been in the headlines before because of her brief fling with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 2016.