Real Housewives Celebrity Doppelgängers

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Over the years, cast members of the Real Housewives franchise have become celebrities in their own rights. But many had viewers asking, “Why does she look so familiar?” for years before. See Lisa Vanderpump, who gets compared to iconic British beauties like Elizabeth Hurley, Jacqueline Bisset, and Jane Seymour. Other famous resemblances seem to just be Housewives’ delusions. For instance, I’m pretty sure Wendy Osefo is the only one who thinks her husband Eddie is Idris Elba’s twin.

We’ve rounded up the Real Housewives with celebrity doppelgängers that have us asking, who’s who? Let me know if you’re also seeing double in the comments. Or, if I need to get my eyes checked.

Kyle Richards and Kacey Musgraves/Karen Huger and Beyonce

Kyle Richards‘ resemblance to Kacey Musgraves went viral again at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Twitter user @feistyfrank also made note of Beyonce’s resemblance to Real Housewives of Potomac‘s Grand Dame Karen Huger. Both ladies favor long, platinum-blonde hair lately. And RHOP viewers were instantly reminded of Karen’s own country western-themed outfits when compared to Beyonce’s ensembles for her new album.

Of course, Kyle is also dressing more country western these days. It seems to be the influence of Kacey’s fellow country singer Morgan Wade. But Kyle and Kacey have been notable doppelgangers for some time. When Kacey wore a blonde wig to the Met Gala, fans also noted her resemblance to Kyle’s famous niece, Paris Hilton.

Kyle has several celebrity doppelgangers, including her famous sisters. Some RHOBH viewers also see a resemblance to Demi Moore. Both actresses have similar raspy voices as well. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a fellow Real Housewives doppelganger, Lisa Barlow. Kyle and the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star both have sleek chocolate brown hair, perfect jawlines, and deep brown eyes.

Ashley Darby and Doja Cat

Ashley Darby had RHOP fans seeing double when she dressed as Doja Cat for Halloween. As she cheekily referenced in the caption, both ladies have a sense of humor about what Candiace Dillard would call their larger foreheads. Ashley has, of course, also dipped her toes into pop music. But it’s safe to say “Coffee and Love” is no match for Doja’s hits like “Say So”.

Monica Garcia and Vanessa Hudgens

I haven’t been able to unsee the resemblance between Monica Garcia and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens since it was pointed out on Twitter. Feel free to fan-cast the rest of the RHOSLC ladies for the Reality Von Tease movie in the comments!

Dorinda Medley and Edie Falco

RHONY viewers have long noted a strong resemblance between Dorinda Medley and Edie Falco. I have to imagine that Edie’s Carmella Soprano had a Dorinda-esque “I made it nice!” meltdown on at least one episode of The Sopranos. Likewise, Dorinda’s ex John Mahdessian has been compared to Edie’s on-screen husband James Gandolfini. We’ll see if Dorinda’s fashion sense starts mirroring the “mob wife” trend. The latest TikTok aesthetic is heavily inspired by Edie’s iconic character.

Gizelle Bryant and Vanessa Williams

A long-running bit amongst RHOP fans is that, when it comes to fashion, Gizelle Bryant never serves. As Karen Huger memorably said, it’s good that Gizelle is so beautiful, because her looks distract from those infamous outfits. And what a beauty Gizelle is indeed, as she strongly resembles the gorgeous Vanessa Williams.

Like her fellow fashion-challenged co-star Ashley, Gizelle dressed as her celebrity doppelganger for Halloween. Even Gizelle’s biggest critics can admit she nailed this look. The costume perfectly paid tribute to her celebrity doppelganger’s historic Miss America win.

Brynn Whitfield and Mandy Moore

When Brynn Whitfield made her debut on The Real Housewives of New York Season 14, viewers had two major questions. One, did she really just say “Make me mad, and I’ll date your dad”? And two, what celebrity does she remind us of?

While some say Brynn looks like Meghan Markle, I personally think she has a stronger resemblance to Mandy Moore. Whomever you think is her doppelganger, we can all agree that Brynn is a very pretty lady.

Kenya Moore and Beyoncé

I highly doubt that Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s longtime star Kenya Moore gets mistaken for Beyonce every single day. But no Real Housewives celebrity doppelgangers list would be complete without Kenya’s years-long insistence that she’s Queen Bey’s twin. Kenya got the last laugh, of course, when Beyonce referenced her iconic RHOA one-liners.