Why Vanderpump Rules Should Have Waited Six More Months To Film

Vanderpump Rules
Photo by: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

We all know by now that Vanderpump Rules Season 10 was supposed to be the last of the series. Then Scandoval happened, and no matter how hard Tom Sandoval hit the drywall with his hammer, the scandal still broke the internet. It also helped give the cast one more season. I was happy with the original Season 10 finale, which showed all the cast gathering at SUR for their final goodbyes. We had managers moving on to their own business and Lisa Vanderpump giving a moving speech. But somehow, we all got roped back into the series. Now I wish it were just over and we could have moved on. Personally, I switch off when the flashbacks pop up, and I then struggle to get back into the groove. Surely, I can’t be the only one struggling. 

Season 11 Isn’t Magic


I feel like Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is the Icarus of the network and sadly flew too close to the sun. There just isn’t anything magical about the current storyline. I get it, Ariana Madix is still pissed, and Tom should be severely dehydrated by now due to his crocodile tears. Yet here we are, suffering through the fallout of the affair all these months later. Season 11 was filmed three months after the scandal, but thanks to so much leaked footage, I feel like I am just watching reruns. 

It didn’t go unnoticed by Bravo followers that the cast and their friends were posting on their social media or having podcasts about what was going on at the time. Even fans were posting their own stories or runs-ins with the cast also responding. The only surprising moment was James Kennedy taking a wee on Tom’s bush! I can’t help but think it would have been a way better idea to wait six months until their normal filming time to pick back up. We could have just had Lala Kent do a mini-recap! 

We Need More Storylines


Currently, I just feel like I am watching a remake of Mean Girls. On one side, you have Ariana and Katie Maloney, and the other is pretty much everyone else willing to give Tom a second chance. But I am seeing glimmers of other storylines with a bit more bite to them. Scheana Shay and Brock Davies are really on the struggle bus as they navigate the new mom’s post-partum OCD. I’ve already watched and not so secretly loved their fight in the swim shop. 

I couldn’t care less about Lisa opening up yet another sexy restaurant. Haven’t we seen enough restaurants to stimulate us all for a lifetime? Then we have Ariana and Katie’s sandwich shop, Something About Her, which should probably be called Something About Nothing because they have yet to open and are being thwarted at every turn by the city of WeHo, whose council is run by power-hungry locals. 

Scandoval Is Played Out


I just can’t endure one more minute of Tom, Ariana, and Scandoval. While running between Ann the Assistant is pretty humorous, the whole situation is just toxic. I mean, who stays out of spite in the same house just so the other won’t have it? Lunatics, that’s who! Season 11 is falling flat, and like everyone else, I blame Sandoval. Hearing Tom whine about how everyone is mean and still loves Rachel Leviss is like nails on the chalkboard.

Also, while we knew Tom Schwartz was going to forgive and forget anyway, the whole situation still annoys me. The lack of freshness is just hard to deal with, even though we knew we were going to be getting a season sprinkled in Scandoval. But if cameras had waited a few more months to pick back up, we could have gotten Ariana Broadway, probably an open sandwich shop, and maybe even Sandy’s new girlfriend. All this would have been a hell of a lot more interesting. So, like Icarus, this season of Vanderpump Rules is crashing and burning. Unless something big really happens that takes us all by surprise, I surmise that Bravo should let the SUR group fade into the sunset for a final time.