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Brock Davies on the Evidence Behind Tom Sandoval’s Team Allegedly Planting Story

Brock Davies has a lot to say this season on Vanderpump Rules, and some of it’s actually decent. To note, I’m not here for the way that he spoke to Katie Maloney after her hookup with Max Boyens. That said, we’ve seen worse because the males in this cast are…special. But also, Brock’s still speaking.

On the subject matter of Tom Sandoval, Brock’s speaking out about his on-air claims made in Season 11. Here, he called out Tom and his team for planting a false narrative about him in the media, which Tom promptly denied, naturally. Now, Brock’s giving us some details on this planted rumor from hell, with an assist by Scheana Shay.

An explanation from our Aussie wordsmith

Brock and Scheana just appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Here, two fans rang in, side by side. The first one asked, “Brock, what proof do you have that Sandoval’s team planted the rumor that you and Rachel had an alleged affair?” The second fan chimed in next, questioning “And what’s your relationship with him now?”

To answer the first question, Brock revealed that the “proof was from the source that came directly to our source, that was encouraging it.” At this point, Brock laughed. He was struggling to answer this question. Luckily, Sheshu jumped in and saved her man, explaining “We have a lot of friends in media, and it got back to us that that’s where it came from.”

Finding his voice, Brock then expressed that “ultimately, loose lips sink ships, and during this whole experience, a lot of people wanted to talk about what they know and what they don’t know, and so it came around that way, and at the end of the day, it’s how I took it. And it definitely didn’t work, and I wasn’t into it.”

Um, maybe next time, let Scheana’s answers be the main ones given, because that’s a lot of words, Brock. Say less, boo.

However, Brock wasn’t done, as he still had a second question to answer. “My relationship with Sandoval now is, it’s still a relationship that needs mending. I’m there if he needs someone to talk to. But right now, he’s on his own journey with his new girlfriend, and I’m ok with that,” he shared.

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