Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 6 Recap: Will Ariana End Her Friendship With Scheana?

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 6 recap
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Trigger warning: This article mentions suicide.

Welcome back for our Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 6 recap. Last time, the group, minus Ariana and Katie, kicked it in Lake Tahoe. And Sandoval finally apologized to James. This week’s episode, titled “Saw It on the Graham,” features Scheana and Sandoval trying to connect during a meditation exercise. Here’s everything that you need to know about Pump Rules, Season 11, Episode 6!

Scheana makes a choice

Scheana was texting with Ariana about how things were going in Lake Tahoe. Lala and Scheana discussed how, if they had planned the trip, Sandoval wouldn’t have scored an invite. “I just know I can’t ever be friends with him again,” Scheana stated. Lala agreed, adding, “It’s really, it’s … it’s really freaking sad.”

However, during the pandemic, Scheana was pregnant and was financially struggling. She didn’t have any income. Then she woke up to several thousand dollars in her PayPal account from Sandoval. It is memories like this that make Scheana miss her friend.

Scheana admitted that she was struggling with her feelings about Sandoval.“I’m not saying come over for f*cking dinner. Let me paint your toenails white. I’m struggling not forgiving this human who has been there for me,” Scheana stated.

She explained, “I’m not feeling torn that’s the thing – I’m Team Ariana until I die.” Now I’m feeling torn and confused about Scheana’s stance.

Ariana and Katie are bosses

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 6
Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Katie stopped by Ariana’s place, where she was having a photoshoot for her new cocktail book, Single AF Cocktails. Her previous cocktail book was with Sandoval. This was the equivalent of her “break up album.”

Ariana wanted to “make some lemonade out of lemons but with vodka.” Amen, sister. I need to grab me a copy.

A stressful meditation session

Back in Lake Tahoe, the yoga instructor, Shannon, arrived. She made the mistake of asking him if there was anything that she should focus on. So, Sandoval told her the long, sad tale of how he was a d-bag. Just without the d-bag part.

The group had a partner meditation. Scheana won the honor of being seated next to Sandoval. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights; especially when she had to sit back to back with Sandoval.

Scheana started to cry and told Sandoval she needed a second to herself. As she ran up the stairs into the house, she said, “I still f*cking hate you.” Brock went after her, urging his wife to admit her feelings to Sandoval.

Scheana returned and struggled through the rest of the meditation. But then the instructor told the group to face their partner and imagine that this was the last time that they would ever see each other. Sandoval and Scheana both started crying. Scheana just can’t forgive him for what he did to Ariana. For his part, Sandoval talked about remembering all the great times that they shared.

Scheana said, “I thought about the last day I’d see you so much during this because I was genuinely worried you were going to do something to yourself.” Sandoval hopes that Scheana realizes that he is not “this ruthless, heartless villain.” I think some people might disagree. Actions speak louder than words.

Scheana felt Sandoval’s emotions and realized that her friend was still there. And he knew how much of a mess he made of everything. I don’t think that Ariana is going to feel warm and fuzzy about Scheana reconnecting with Sandoval.

Don’t come for Brock and Scheana

While Brock, Schwartz, and Sandoval rode in a gondola, Sandoval repeated his mantra about his affair with Rachel Leviss. “Neither … Rachel nor I, did any of this with the intention of hurting anyone,” he said. “The way you guys reacted was very intentionally trying to hurt both [Rachel] and I.” Not this statement again. If Sandoval hides behind this shield all season, I’m going to have a migraine.

Brock reminded him that Rachel took out a restraining order against Scheana. So, Sandoval countered it was “because she got punched in the goddamn face.”

Then Sandoval moaned about someone putting rumors out about him and Billie Lee in the press. Brock countered that Sandoval’s team put out rumors that Brock slept with Rachel. Sandoval denied it, but Brock’s publicist found out where the rumor came from.

Will Vanderpump Rules Season 11 see Scheana lose Ariana’s friendship?

Ariana and Katie were interviewing people for their sandwich shop, which (still) has yet to open. Oof. Ariana told Katie that she received an email from Scheana about her meditation pairing with Sandoval. Finally, Katie asked Ariana the big question. Would Ariana still be friends with someone who was friends with Sandoval? That is a hard NO. She doesn’t want any mutual friends.

Meanwhile, Scheana decided to give Ariana a call. She explained her feelings and how this was tearing her apart. Ariana said that Sandoval never cared about his friendship with Scheana. I’m not sure about that.

When Scheana shared that Sandoval gave her “a genuine apology,” Ariana shrugged. “I can’t keep hating him for you,” Scheana told Ariana. Let me point out that Ariana’s facial expressions were priceless.

After Scheana hung up, Katie was shocked by Scheana wanting to forgive Sandoval. Ariana seems close to cutting Scheana off as a friend.

Lala rocks the boat

Lala questioned Sandoval about how he could tell her to be real about her life last season, while he was busy cheating on Ariana. The day that the news about Scandoval broke, Sandoval was in a publication bashing Lala, stating that he didn’t “think she’s real.”

He reminded her that the VPR cast respected parts of her life being out of bounds for years. Sandoval pointed out that they both lied about their relationships, so it should be a draw.

Lala started to get heated. Once Sandoval lied to her face, he gave her the right to talk about his affair. Sandoval called out the timeline, saying that he only lied for six months, while Lala was bending the truth for six years. Instead of apologizing, as Lala expected, Sandoval doubled down about her past mistakes.

“You’re insane!” Lala yelled at Sandoval. And the old Lala is back! “I felt bad for you for five f*cking seconds, and now you’re proving to me that you are terrifying!” Sandoval accused her of slamming Rachel, then only backing off when social media dissed her.

“You isolate. You groom. You lie,” the mom of one stated. Sandoval went nuts when she accused him of grooming.

Scheana hopped in, explaining that all Lala wanted was an apology. And Lala had been really nice to Sandoval. Finally, Sandoval admitted in his confessional that he was “hypocritical” because of his affair with Rachel. And Sandoval apologized and hugged Lala.

Scheana needs Ariana’s support

Now, Scheana was dealing with hate for posing in a group photo with her arm around Sandoval. While Scheana was dealing with the online backlash, Ariana had been MIA as far as defending her. Scheana started to cry to Lala, confiding that when she told Ariana that she was struggling, she just brushed it off. She is happy for Ariana because of all the opportunities coming her way. But Scheana was also hurting.

In her confessional, Lala said, “It is time for Ariana to pull her head from out of her own ass.” Ariana needs to remember that Scheana was there for her. And Scheana would like to know when it can, finally, be all about her.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988.

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