Every Time Ariana Madix Has Defended Lala Kent

Ariana Madix Lala Kent
Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/WireImage via Getty Images

Even though Ariana Madix is currently the Goddess of Vanderpump Rules, she always takes time to defend her friends. The former SUR bartender had a knack for finding the good in her friends even when they sometimes acted foolishly. Cue Lala Kent. The mother of one often led with her opinions and bluntness, sometimes turning her friends off. But even during her most challenging days, Ariana was by her side.

Sometimes, Lala goes on a tirade so far from reality that fans find it hard to take her seriously. As a veteran of Vanderpump Rules, you would think that most of the cast could recall how interactions went down, but sometimes it feels like Lala has a revisionist episode when she gets on her high horse, usually during a podcast. So when she once claimed that Ariana never took her or anyone else’s side in defense, I just had to do a little digging for the truth. 

Ariana doesn’t believe in rumors 

Lala never made decisions lightly, but when she chose to lie to the Vanderpump Rules cast, she found herself in hot water. The entirety of Season 5 showed Stassi Schroeder leading an all-out assault on Lala after the cast believed she was dating a married man. The group started hearing that Lala was given a White Range Rover for her ability to please her married boyfriend. At the time, the only one close to Lala was James Kennedy, who admitted he had never met her beau.

This evidently proved to Stassi that Lala was dating a married man. Even Katie noted that anyone who was friends with Lala was “dead” to her. But Ariana took a calmer approach, noting, “I don’t know who Lala’s dating. However, I will treat a rumor as such until proven fact because that’s my friend.”

No one trusted Lala

As Lala rose through the ranks on Vanderpump Rules, she had a hard time fitting in with the other ladies. One moment that stands out was when Ariana took the time to sit the young hostess down, noting, “I care about you.” The scene then cuts to Ariana defending Lala against her bestie, Scheana Shay. The clip showed Ariana stating, “However, being dishonest about one thing doesn’t snowball into you’re just a dishonest person.”

At the time, Scheana replied, “But it kinda does.” But this triggered Ariana, who went to bat for Lala, claiming, “Her life is none of y’all’s business.” Honestly, I’d love a friend like Ariana, who never backed down from a fight when it came to protecting her friends. 

Ariana, the peacemaker

The back ally of SUR saw a lot of drama. None more than the Witches of WeHo plotting on how to take down Lala. No one was happy when the Utah native waltzed into the restaurant as the new hostess with the mostess. Immediately, Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, and Stassi tried to organize mastermind plans to bully the newbie out of the workplace. But once again, Ariana took a different approach as she tried to sit down with the Godmother of SUR (aka, Stassi.) In a very democratic demeanor, Ariana asked, “How can we make things peaceful so things can be cool at work.”

It wasn’t much to ask for a happy work environment. But at the time, Scheana noted she wasn’t ready to have a conversation with Lala. Ever the mean girl interpreter, Ariana translated that Scheana “Needed more time. There’s been trashing on both sides.”

Lala has even thanked Ariana

During one emotional clip, Lala is seen actually thanking Ariana for standing by her side and saying, “I really do feel like you’ve been a good friend to me.” The ever-kind Ariana replied, “I was never going to like not be your friend. But then I didn’t hear from you. So then I didn’t really know what that was about.” At the time, Lala agreed that she had cooled off and backed away. But even then, Ariana still wasn’t angry, sharing in her confessional, “I would love to give Lala a chance to show me and other people that she’s not who she’s shown to be this summer.”

So, even though Lala might not be remembering the good times, there is more than enough proof to show that Ariana has had her back more than any other Vanderpump Rules cast member.