Why It’s Wrong To Say Ariana Madix Is Dictating Who Can Be Friends

Ariana Madix
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

There is no doubt in my mind that Ariana Madix has had one hell of a year. She has ended a ten-year relationship with Tom Sandoval. She started a brand new business and dealt with moving out of her dream home. So, when she first started her campaign to separate her friends from Sandy, I kind of understood the notion. Ariana wanted to find peace in a rather hostile environment. But instead of leaving Vanderpump Rules like most of us would, she stuck it out. And refused to film with her ex-beau. But now that she’s hit the one-year mark since Scandoval, her campaign has run aground. And people are tired of her demands. 

What’s Ariana’s goal?

Ariana isn’t saying X can’t be friends with Y. In reality, the Love Island USA host is just setting personal boundaries. But we all know how some people can react to limitations. Many take these sets of personal rules seriously and personally. Ariana isn’t giving an ultimatum per se; she is just noting what could happen if a friend overstepped and broke her trust. As Season 11 premiered, viewers watched Ariana tell Scheana Shay, Lala Kent, and Katie Maloney that she wouldn’t allow Tom to know anything about her life. The request seemed fair enough. But I think along the way, Ariana’s lines began to blur. 

A friend to all is a friend to none

Ariana is currently living by this creed, with multiple friends falling to the wayside. Her BFF, Scheana, has struggled the most with Ariana’s requisition. As the mother of one has pointed out the most, she feels she owes a lot to Tom. When Scheana first started working at SUR, he was the only one who included her during cast outings. While she was dealing with the Witches of WeHo, Tom was being a friend to her. Scheana also revealed that Tom once sent her money when she shared she was struggling during the pandemic.

Between crying scenes and redemption arc moments, Scheana made it very clear that she is willing to give Tom a second chance. In an early conversation with Ariana, the Good as Gold singer shared that she thought Tom could be making changes. The singer said, “I just want to continue to see if he’s on a path of growth.” At the time, Ariana made it clear she didn’t want to hear about Tom. But she still loved and valued the friendship with Sheesh. However, throughout Season 11, Ariana could hardly refrain from making faces whenever Scheana or Lala mentioned the possibility of forgiving Sandy. 

During the finale, Ariana once again doubled down. The Chicago star revealed Scheana wouldn’t lose her even though she was clearly reconnecting with Sandy. The famous phrase by Aristotle (Totally having an Elle Woods moment) implies it is impossible to be friends with everyone during a major conflict. Ariana isn’t wrong for wanting to make sure she has true friends around her. And she is just making it known she is seeing everyone’s true colors. 

Ariana appreciates honesty

No one can deny that Ariana has stayed pretty firm on the fact that she won’t be entertaining fake friendships. So again, I wonder why so many viewers feel like she is dictating who can be friends when she is only trying to protect herself. While Ariana may have raised her voice a few times when approached by or about Sandoval, for the most part, she respectfully heard what they had to say.

In Part 1 of the reunion, while Lala was running her mouth, Ariana still noted that she appreciated Lala being upfront about speaking with Sandoval, and that’s why they were (at least at that point) still able to be friends. Ariana takes loyalty very seriously, so the fact that she could genuinely accept Scheana and Lala’s opinions was very big of her. So, if you couldn’t tell by the end of this article, I am all about Ariana and her boundaries, and I hope she continues to enforce them!