What a Rebooted RHONJ Could Look Like

How a RHONJ reboot could look.
Photo Credit: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo via Getty Images

Lately, I have needed all the patience I could find when it came to watching my beloved Real Housewives of New Jersey. As we entered its 14th season, I had high hopes that the women of the Garden State would step up. Knowing if they didn’t, they would most likely be shipped out. For years now, die-hard fans have stuck by their sides as Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice continue with the petty family feud. And while we were entertained in the early days, times have changed for RHONJ.

The women have started to rest on their laurels, and this makes me very nervous. Bravo has already clarified that they are not scared to recast a popular franchise. Fans saw this with Real Housewives of New York and Real Housewives of Atlanta, so we know New Jersey isn’t held on some high, unattainable pedestal. But the women are letting viewers down, in my opinion, and I am starting to have to face the harsh reality that my beloved RHONJ might be getting a reboot.

The rumor mill is in overdrive

Even though Andy Cohen has claimed that any Real Housewives of New Jersey rumors that fans hear in the next six months are probably lies, I don’t believe him. The Bravo kingpin has undoubtedly heard precisely what fans have, which is that four women have been asked to say. The four horsemen of the apocalypse, aka our core group, would be Rachel Fuda, Jennifer Fessler, Teresa, and Dolores Catania. Now, personally, I am ready for Tre to hang up her aprons and jog onto greener pastures. I bow down to the fact that she is an OG, but I’m over it.

Jenn is just messy and honestly trying too hard, so I can’t see her really winning over a fan base. Rachel, however, is interesting as she is kicking up the most dirt for Season 14. I’d keep her. And obviously, the queen that is Dolo, the muscle of New Jersey, should never be ousted. Never. Ever. 

Teresa’s a sour apple

Now, Teresa is a RHONJ Goddess. She gave us moments like the infamous table flip, pushing Andy, and a wedding hairdo that would make the cast of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding jealous. But the mom of four has run her course. Season after season, I can’t help but wonder why Teresa’s bad behavior continues to get rewarded. The Real Housewives franchise used to be about watching a group of close women argue, act irrationally and find their way back to one another. But now, many personalities, such as Tre, often like to stir up damaging rumors, false tales, and leak stories. This just isn’t the look anymore. It’s not entertaining. It is character assassination. 

Teresa has upped the ante every season. Between orchestrating pulling Margaret Josephs’ pigtails, trying to ruin her brother’s marriage, and making up lies about Jackie Goldschneider’s marriage, it all just feels a bit too heavy. I would like to see Teresa gracefully leave the series and allow for some fresh meat to get a chance to show what New Jersey is all about because Teresa’s Garden State isn’t so fresh and pretty anymore. 

The cast is in turmoil

RHONJ Season 14 cast
Photo Credit: Bravo Media

Currently, the RHONJ cast of Season 14 has been split down the middle. Half are no longer talking to the other half. There is no end-of-season cast trip. And the big whopper here is there is also no reunion. The only other time a franchise didn’t do a reunion was RHONY, and all the ladies were chopped. How can women expect to keep their spot and their paycheck if they refuse to interact with one another? Surely, production will want to make their lives easier and hire a whole new group of friends. (Production, if you’re reading this, my friends and I are available).

So, I don’t see RHONJ Season 14 ending well but rather in a blaze of glory. I wish I could keep my rose-colored glasses on because the franchise had a great run. But since the ladies refuse to play by the rules, I fear Bravo will start a new one. For viewers’ sake, I hope this next bunch of women are at least friends who have real problems because I can’t take another season of orchestrated drama. I just can’t. 

Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently streaming on Peacock.