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Teen Mom Season 6 trailer

MTV released the Teen Mom season 6 trailer yesterday.

This season on Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham gets over herself continues to be her same insufferable self, with her fangs in focus on on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran. <eye roll> We all know they’re just using each other – having a “boyfriend” by her side, at events and on the show, makes her appear somewhat human and being on camera outweighs dealing with Farrah and her mini-me, Sophia, for Simon.



Things are clearly not better for Courtney Stodden and her estranged mom, Krista Keller. The two appeared together on The Mother/Daughter Experiment, attempting to fix their relationship, but as news of Courtney’s pregnancy broke over the weekend (exclusively by Reality Tea), it’s crystal clear that therapy didn’t help these two.

Krista reacted to the pregnancy news (which she learned via the media) with an interview. She shared, “If it wasn’t for media I would not get to know the news about my daughter’s pregnancy This will make grandchild number five. If she is happy, I am happy for her. It would be nice to experience this with her but as it still stands her and I are still not speaking. I did not even hear from her on Mother’s Day. I was blessed to be able to celebrate it with my other two girls. Courtney is still missing from our family. I pray for her everyday.”

Reality star, Courtney Stodden out and about on a romantic walk in Beverly Hills with husband Doug Hutchison where they showed public displays of affection holding hands and kissing Featuring: Courtney Stodden, Doug Hutchison Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 18 Jan 2016 Credit:

Baby on board! Courtney Stodden is pregnant with her first child!  Courtney and her husband Doug Hutchison revealed the baby news to their close friends and family this week!

Just a week shy of their fifth wedding anniversary, Courtney sent out a video (which we were given exclusive access to via our source) to those close to her, sharing the moment she finds out she’s expecting. In the video dated May 11th, Doug is taping her in the bathroom as she waits for the pregnancy test results. Once she sees the double lines indicating “pregnant,” she sits down and looks happy and scared. Doug asks her how she’s feeling and she says “a little overwhelmed.” 

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchinson

Courtney Stodden was barely out of diapers when she married Doug Hutchison, but after five years of mostly staying married and mostly being happy, the 21-year-old might just be ready for motherhood. Maybe. First she’d like to celebrate the achievement of her five-year anniversary

“We’re really strong and we’re very happy,” The Mother/Daughter Experiment star reveals about her marriage to Doug. “Our relationship right now is really, really good.” 


Big Ang's Cancer Is Back

This is heartbreaking. We all watched as Big Ang and her husband Neil overcame so much on this season of Couples Therapy, but now it looks like the Mob Wives star has another battle ahead of her, for the second time. Back in April, Ang learned that she had cancer after doctors discovered a tumor in her neck. But then a few months later (and after undergoing surgery), they determined that Big Ang was cancer free.

Sadly, that is no longer the case. Instead, during a recent check-up, doctors had to break the news to Ang that she is once again, dealing with cancer. However, this time around it seems to be worse. Definitely not the news that Ang wanted right before the holidays, but we all know that she is one tough cookie. How is she handling the news? 


Couples Therapy finale

Wow. It’s hard to believe that it was already time for the Couples Therapy finale – I mean, doesn’t it seem like the season just started? Time sure flies when you’re hating on your significant other having fun, doesn’t it? So, let’s get straight to it here, folks. Last week, we watched a beautifully romantic proposal by Adrian that began to go horribly wrong when Carmen started to question all of the things that SHE wanted for her wedding day. Notice the emphasis on Carmen.

Would Carmen come to her senses and realize that her wedding wasn’t just about her, but it was about Adrian and their love, as well? For starters, things didn’t go off without a hitch (hey, this is Couples Therapy, after all). And while most of the couples would leave the house in a better place, one couple called it quits! Betcha can’t guess which one (or maybe you can). Get all the details inside.


FVP Christmas Gifting Suite

Farrah Abraham has come forward as the ninth woman to accuse James Deen of sexual assault. As you’ll recall, the Teen Mom star made a “sex tape” with porn star James Deen in 2013. Farrah insisted that she and James were dating at the time (he said nope) and that the sex tape, now known as Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, was meant to be for her eyes only (he said nope). Farrah sold the video to Vivid.

A year later, Farrah claimed she had been drugged and raped. It was assumed at the time that she meant while promoting her sex tape at porn conventions, however, Farrah came forward yesterday to say that it was actually James who drugged and raped her.

James Deen raped me for his benefit of fame,” Farrah told Daily Mail. “He conspired against me with others that I thought were my friends at the time and that was very hurtful. I let it all go and I wanted to move on; due to the public and others in the media believing an abusive womanizer, sex addict, disgusting, unprofessional, adult entertainer’s lies.”


Rocky and Janice talk sex on Couples Therapy

That’s right, sex talk! Because that is always the most exciting part of a relationship, right? Kidding (or am I?)…after overcoming their childhood trauma last time on Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn wanted to hear all about the couples’ adventures in the bedroom, or at least how their sex lives were going. And it was definitely, um, interesting to say the least. In fact, you may be shocked to hear who was embarrassed to even talk about it. And even more exciting this week was a surprise marriage proposal!

However, before I get to all those juicy details, there was another matter that needed to be dealt with – Scott Stapp’s father. Dr. Jenn managed to get Scott’s father to come to the house for a face to face meeting with his son for the first time in many, many years. Needless to say it was emotional for both, but did Scott get the closure that he so desperately longed for? You’ll have to come inside to find out!