Cary Deuber is shocked by LeeAnne's words

Cary Deuber Discusses The Drama Between Brandi Redmond & LeeAnne Locken

Out of all the things to come at LeeAnne Locken for why is her perceived lack of wedding date one of those things? Why not call her out the shade she throws or the threatening statements she makes when she’s riled up? Wouldn’t that be an easier route to take?

D’Andra Simmons got the ball rolling by questioning LeeAnne for not setting a wedding date and she even accused them of “living separate lives” before she brought up some rumors that Rich Emberlin cheated on LeeAnne. Brandi Redmond joined her new friend D’Andra to question D’Andra about her wedding and even threw in that she thinks LeeAnne is jealous of D’Andra since she’s married. Now LeeAnne is accusing both of them of drinking too much and even called Brandi an “alcoholic” in the last episode. Three wrongs don’t make a right here. Real Housewives of Dallas is getting pretty messy and Cary Deuber is sharing her insight on all the drama within the cast.

After two seasons of LeeAnne criticizing Cary’s marriage, the irony isn’t lost on Cary that LeeAnne’s personal relationship is being questioned. In a Bravo blog post, Cary wrote, “Well, we all know that karma is a bitch, and it looks like LeeAnne has definitely found her…”

Cary admitted, “LeeAnne is, however, handling it better than I did when it was MY relationship that was on display.” She continued, “I am still wondering why D’Andra and Brandi are up in her grill about her wedding? (Maybe they’re just really excited to get some cake?).” Aren’t there better storylines to cook up than this one?

Cary shared, “It does seem to me that because Brandi is pushing LeeAnne about her personal life, LeeAnne is pushing back with the ‘alcoholic’ stuff… Maybe not the best long-term strategy.” Definitely not. And now we are all going to hear about these alcoholism allegations for the rest of the season, on social media, and during the reunion.

Cary wrote, “Even when you are rightfully pissed, it doesn’t give you the right to diagnose someone with alcoholism. That’s very serious, and it doesn’t fix anything. Like I said, ‘That’s a big word,’ and I don’t look forward to this conversation coming back up again.” It’s going to. It’s definitely going to come back up 8484848379333 times. At least.

The other D’Andra drama during that last episode has to do with Kameron Westcott and her mother-in-law Jimmy. Jimmy “warned” D’Andra that people in Dallas society were talking about her behavior. I have no idea how true that actually is, especially now given the fact that she’s on a popular reality TV show. Aren’t a lot of people talking about everyone in this cast? What’s the big deal?

Cary wrote, “Now, I have to admit, I’m a bit confused at the mural reveal. I had not heard about this sh– sandwich that got cooked up at the lake house. Kam seems like she is applying her value system to D’Andra’s life. I think Kam is trying to look out for D’Andra, but she is a big girl and can make her own choices. I’m not sure why D’Andra would let this upset her, however… Who cares if people are talking about you?”

Are the pressures in Dallas society really as bad as Kameron and her mother-in-law have conveyed? Aren’t there more important things to worry about and juicier stories to gossip about than a woman enjoying herself while filming a reality TV show?

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“Cary invites all the ladies to join her for a trip to Denmark. D’Andra gets a pep talk from Mama Dee about how to handle Kameron and LeeAnne, while LeeAnne goes wedding dress shopping. Stephanie and Travis renew their vows and D’Andra hosts a pop-up event for her company, at which Brandi finds out what LeeAnne called her. The ladies fly off to Denmark, wondering if they’ll be able to put their differences aside.”


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