Dr. Jessica Griffin


On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, the couples only had three days to make their final decision on their marriages. The experts have asked them all to watch their wedding video to remind them why they decided to do the experiment. They could have saved time and public embarrassment by just joining Match or eHarmony. But I don’t mind sitting watching the shit show unfold as I eat popcorn and take bets on who will stay together.

Stephanie Sersen takes AJ Vollmoeller to the gym for a group workout. AJ literally whines and throws a tantrum the entire time because he is out of shape. He doesn’t even try to attempt to do any of the exercises and complains he “won’t be able to move all week.” We have all seen AJ and his man boobs on camera and I’m sure Stephanie was trying to give him a hint. Frustrated and out of his comfort zone, he storms out of the class with mommy Stephanie running after him.  I just can’t with this guy, he better not have gotten too accustomed to eating dinner with someone. I have a feeling he could be back to standing and eating alone, shortly.  I must say, he is probably one of the most uncoordinated people I have ever seen. Stephanie, girl, you can be honest with me, is he satisfying you in the bedroom? With that poor showing of endurance in the gym, I would think not. #Gross.


On the last episode of Married At First Sight, decision day is less than one week away and the couples are still stuck at the second honeymoon from hell with AJ Vollmoeller. Things get tense when Kate Sisk reveals to Luke Cuccurullo, she not only told one expert, but another cast-mate about their secret sex life. Will her fantasy of a happy marriage end tonight or will she continue to be used and hurt?

The men are cooking for the women and there is only one man missing… Will Guess. He is missing all the fun, sleeping away the crazy from the night before. Jasmine McGriff, of course, had to go wake him up because she didn’t want her man to have peace miss the fun. Jasmine confides with the ladies that at times she feels like Will can be cold. Stephanie Sersen shares she doesn’t know if her decision should be based on the future or the past month. We have all seen him go off on her just about every week. If he acts that way in front of the cameras, Steph needs to RUN before the cameras disappear.


On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, the couples had a week until decision day!  Hopefully these train wrecks couples can find out any unanswered questions, before they decide to commit or split. Luke Cuccurullo finally realized he was on national television and only has one week to appear to have made an effort in his marriage.  He actually takes Katie Sisk on a date in public to the ballet to see Romeo and Juliet. Kate has had a change of heart and feels back on track with her marriage. Insert side eye here. Will this new found happiness last? Or will it everything come crashing down when a HUGE secret is revealed tonight? This Married At First Sight episode is one to remember, trust me!!!!

Jasmine McGriff attempts to seduce her husband, Will Guess with lingerie and a home cooked meal. Here we go again with her interview questions. I don’t think Jasmine has quite mastered the art of conversation. There is a way to ask someone questions without it seeming like you are grilling them. Nonetheless, it actually seems like she listened to Will and understood his life goals a little better. Chile, I have never seen someone struggle so much (besides Kate) to make someone think they are sexy.  Either you got it, or you don’t! The chemistry simply isn’t there.


On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, there are only two weeks until decision day and the couples start thinking about their future plans. Hot button issues such as kids and money come into play as they discuss their five-year plans. Kate Sisk talks to her husband, Luke Cuccurullo about divorce.

Dr. Jessica Griffin stops by AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen’s home to discuss communication. This should be interesting since he communicates by becoming green and busting out of his clothes when he’s angry.  She shows them examples of good and bad communication between the couple. The bad examples are, of course, him snapping on her several times when he becomes agitated. He actually blames PRODUCTION for his lack of restraint. Then calls them “disgusting” referencing the added mass chaos in their life. Last time I checked, AJ, you signed up for the chaos and for us to drag you through the reality tv streets at our pleasure. Let the dragging begin now…


On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, the couples celebrate a milestone: their one month anniversary. Can you believe they only have three weeks left in the Married At First Sight experiment? It feels like they have been married for several months with all of the crazy ups and downs we have witnessed. One husband ditches his wife on their anniversary. This provokes a MAJOR meltdown. Can you guess which couple? There may not be any way to salvage this marriage after tonight!

Dr. Pepper Schwartz takes the couples out to dinner to celebrate the eve of their one month anniversaries. They discuss marriage and the things they have learned along the way. Each person is asked to rate themselves as a spouse and explain their answers. Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller each rate themselves a 9 because they have room for improvement. Ummmm… AJ have you been here with all of us? I don’t care what your wife says. I am giving you a 3.5 for all of your angry outbursts and crazy behavior.


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, decision day was quickly approaching and the couples explored each other’s past to prepare for the future. Dr. Jessica Griffin gives each person an assignment to walk down memory lane and share a traumatic experience or introduce family and friends.

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar discuss the resentment he had for his dad growing up. Kristine shares her ex-fiance was controlling and wanted her to be a housewife, despite her career aspirations. As she talked to Keith, she realized their relationship is similar to her having to do all of the housework. She questioned whether they share the housework and Keith’s response is “I didn’t expect so many dishes.” It is clear Kristine is starting to feel like the updated version of his grandmother. Her frustration is apparent during a tense conversation about their dynamic. She even tells him she isn’t going to be the breadwinner and the person who solely takes care of the home. I totally agree, I think anyone would start to get annoyed by his childlike behavior. I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he was a lazy couch potato.


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the experts gave the couples an exercise in trust. This should definitely be interesting. Most of the couples are working to just like each other, let alone trust each other. Each couple engages in a phone swap. Apparently, Keith Dewar failed. Not only did he have several naked pictures of his ex, he willingly handed his phone over to his wife, Kristine Killingsworth. And let’s just say she is NOT happy! Will Keith delete the pictures? Or will he hold on to the past? Also, Luke Cuccurullo makes another move to solidify that he secretly hates Kate Sisk and will divorce her as soon as he gets the chance. Kate, this is your last warning, run girl, run!

AJ Vollmoeller sits down with Stephanie Sersen and explains why he talks excessively. He claims it is because he has to listen most of the time at work. In his mind, it’s only fair, he gets to inundate her with gibberish and demands of dinners together as a trade-off. Stephanie shares that most of her relationships in the past have been trainwrecks. So although she is hopeful, she is cautious. Sorry, Steph, but I think AJ is a trainwreck as well, but just for a different reason. He is nuts!


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples entertain and meet each other’s friends for the first time. This proves to be stressful for one couple in particular. Number one enemy of the fans, Luke Cuccurullo continues his mistreatment of Kate Sisk. The party quickly became a shy person’s worst nightmare. Kate looks more like a guest than a hostess in her own house. I thought after Pastor Calvin Roberson lit into spoke to Luke, things may have changed. Ugh… will this man ever grow up and stop making this woman feel totally insecure? Will Kate decide to win over her guests or fold under the pressure?

The couples wake up as husband and wife after their first night at their new homes. Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth reveal that they finally had sex. I found it shocking that Keith admitted it was quick. Hmm… you may want to keep that to yourself. They both feel like they could be falling in love with one another.