The Biggest Real Housewives ‘Karens’ In the Franchise

Ramona Singer
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The feud between RHOBH stars Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley has reached a boiling point, launching a debate amongst Real Housewives fans. In a recent episode, Garcelle called Dorit a “Karen”. And she didn’t mean the RHOP legend Karen Huger.

No, Garcelle meant it as in “Karen” the slang term. This is used to describe privileged (typically, but not always, white) women who demand to speak to the manager, belittle service workers, and, often unconsciously, use microaggressions.

As we look back on the Real Housewives franchise, it’s clear that quite a few cast members fit this term. Who are the worst “Karens” in Real Housewives history? And how does Dorit compare to them?

Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley in a RHOBH Season 13 Chanel confessional look.
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Many viewers were divided on whether or not Dorit qualifies as a Karen. Looking at her behavior on and off the show, she can definitely be tone deaf about her privilege. And Garcelle did explain to Dorit why her words came across as microaggressions. For multiple seasons, Dorit has come harder at Garcelle than she has towards the rest of their co-stars.

Dorit also hasn’t helped herself with her reactions to the criticisms of her behavior. See, for instance, the recent controversial Instagram post that was her response to being accused of living in a bubble.

But does Dorit’s behavior match that of the worst Real Housewives “Karens?”

Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer might be the biggest Karen of any Real Housewives franchise. She’s been acting like one for years before the term even existed. This is a Real Housewife who literally called her staff “the help.”

If anyone still had doubts Ramona was a Karen, she proved it with her many problematic moments. Her treatment of Eboni K. Williams was abhorrent. Remember when Ramona tried to compare their experiences by claiming she was shunned by “the Jewish people?”

If those on-camera antics wasn’t enough, she was also accused of calling a producer the n-word. To try to defend herself, Ramona … texted a racial slur to a reporter. That was what finally led Bravo to seemingly cut ties.

Even when Ramona was on her “best behavior” on RHUGT RHONY: Legacy, she was incredibly demanding. As soon as she arrived to their St. Barts vacation home, the Ramonacoaster complained about everything, including the closets not being high enough. But that was nothing compared to Ramona’s laundry meltdown, one of the worst Karen moments of the whole season.

Don’t expect Ramona to change. She got disinvited from the RHONY: Legacy premiere, but showed up anyway. And her recent Instagram post, yeesh. Even Luann De Lesseps, who definitely has some Karen qualities of her own, called out Ramona’s stunning lack of self-awareness.

Lisa Barlow

RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow is a fan favorite Real Housewife, and for good reason. She’s incredibly entertaining and quotable. But Baby Gorgeous has her bad moments as well.

Her story in Season 4 about getting banned from a tanning salon for screaming at an employee was classic Karen behavior. Her drag meltdown might be classified as Karen-like too.

We love Lisa, but we don’t love that.

Vicki Gunvalson


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Does anyone have more “I demand to speak to the manager” energy than Vicki Gunvalson? The “LITTLE FAMILY VAN” meltdown alone puts the Real Housewives of Orange County OG on this list.

In addition to being awful to service workers, Vicki’s also had her fair share of racially insensitive moments. We can’t help but remember her terrible comments at a wine tasting. When Tamra Judge said she liked “the dark side”, Vicki loudly and ignorantly assumed she was talking about their server. Who she then repeatedly, and unapologetically, called “dark”, and “a Mexican” (he corrected her that he was Puerto Rican). The cut back to his uncomfortable and hurt expression said it all.

Speaking of Tamra, all of the current (and former) Tres Amigas make the list of worst Real Housewives Karens.

Kelly Dodd

During her time on RHOC, Kelly Dodd constantly threw tantrums and made offensive remarks. When she first joined the cast in 2016, videos of her problematic comments were posted to TMZ. Though she apologized at the time, her behavior over the following years showed she clearly didn’t mean it.

During the pandemic, Kelly was a fierce COVID denier for a while, and spread dangerous misinformation. Also in 2020, Kelly mocked the Black Lives Matter movement by wearing a “Drunk Wives Matter” hat.

Kelly was fired by Bravo in 2021. But she’s still made headlines for her continuous Karen behavior in the years since. Including her transphobic posts about former co-stars. Keep her far away from Bravo screens. She doesn’t deserve that spotlight.