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From the very first episode of Vanderpump Rules this season, I found Dayna Kathan to be suspect. In her very first scene, she tells us that she just starting hooking up with fellow newbie and TomTom manager Max Boyens. How convenient. Then, mid-season, she suddenly starts dating the other newbie Brett Caprioni, who coincidentally happens to be Max’s best friend. And they both happen to have also hooked up with none other than Scheana Marie! It is almost like she is following a “How to Be Relevant on Reality TV” Handbook. Dayna does not seem to have chemistry with either of the guys, and the whole thing makes me skeptical of her motives in general.

Dayna‘s flings with Max and Brett naturally led to a rivalry with Scheana. Hooking up with the newbie best friends was Scheana’s plan for this season! Dating the resident f***boys is Scheana’s role! Dayna definitely stole her storyline. Even though Scheana says everything is good between all of them now, she did not miss the chance to call Dayna out for her calculated moves this season.

Kristen Doute Opens Up About Her Sexual Assault Experience In Her New Book


Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute recently said that Scheana Marie carried the latest season of the show, but I’d have to say that Kristen did her fair share as well. A majority of the season was focused on her falling out with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney over her on-again-off-again relationship with Brian Carter. 

Stassi and Katie might not have appreciated the back and forth, but fans appreciated Kristen’s honesty. Relationships can be messy. And now Kristen is about to get even more honest and real about her personal life in her upcoming book, He’s Making You Crazy.

Kristen Doute Scheana Marie Shay

There are just way too many new people to keep track of on Vanderpump Rules. It makes zero sense that all of these people are considered “main cast members” on one show. Yet, here we are. At least we have Scheana Marie bridging the gap between the longtime cast members and the new people.

And in response to getting screen time from Scheana, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni constantly talk sh*t about her behind her back, even though it’s really their connections to Scheana that gave them storylines on this show. When it comes to Dayna Kathan, Scheana pretty much did nothing right, from hazing her at SUR to springing that psychic on her. So, it does make sense that Dayna isn’t her biggest fan. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Scheana did give all of these new people what they wanted, a storyline on this show. And, she gave the viewers endless meme-worthy content, as per usual.

Kristen Doute Says This Season Of Vanderpump Rules “Really Sucked”

This season of Vanderpump Rules feels like we are watching two different shows. There are way too many new people. It’s so tough to get invested in their lives. It makes even less sense that these randoms have been plopped into the same friend group as the long-time cast members. Just none of it adds up.

Sure, there were some entertaining moments this season. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the glory days of Vanderpump Rules are long gone. Even Kristen Doute isn’t feeling Season 8.

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright Vanderpump Rules reunion

The virtual reunion is going well on Real Housewives of Atlanta. It will be interesting to see how things play out on Vanderpump Rules since there are 17,830 cast members, some of which are couples. So now there are a dozen little squares. Some of them have two people in them because of the couples on this show. Oh, boy. This sounds like such a logistical nightmare to film. Let’s just hope it’s enjoyable to watch.

In the trailer, Scheana Marie asks “Who’s gonna be the first one to cry?” Most likely, that’s Scheana herself. However, we do see Brittany Cartwright wailing, “This is one of the hardest times I had to go through in my f*cking life.” What is she even talking about? Is she talking about her wedding and pre-wedding events that took over the season? Aren’t those events supposed to be happy? If she’s shouting over her wedding, I swear…..

Kristen Doute also yells “My life is none of your business.” That is most likely about her ex [Brian] Carter. Especially since right after that we see Stassi Schroeder say, “You’re a liar,” which is a sentiment she’s shared about Kristen many times over.

Vanderpump Rules Season Finale

Last night’s Vanderpump Rules finale truly felt like it was the end of an era. And I’m ready to send Jax Taylor off into the abyss, where surely he will go after yelling in Lisa Vanderpump‘s face that this is ‘his show’. Lisa has already endured that type of malarky with Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills so she’ll certainly not put up with it from underling upstarts living in Valley Village (ahem.. Brandi!)

Tom 1 and Tom 2, by compression, are now well on their way to being restaurant moguls after signing onto the expansion of Tom Tom. They are moving into adulthood (finally!), while Jax, don’t bother blessing his cold dead heart, isn’t moving at all. He’s trapped in a fishbowl of his own drool, constantly regurgitating his own nonsense.

Jax can pretend all he wants that he’s tired of Tom 1, but what Jax is really tired of is Tom 1 being successful. Tom and Jax came up together as bartenders at SUR. For most of Vanderpump Rules Jax’s drama has driven things; yet it is Tom who was given the nudge by Lisa.

Scheana Marie

After outrage from the internet (and probably from the Vanderpump Rules cast) disgraced Vanderpump Rules editor Bri Dellinger has been fired! As she should be. She admitted that she purposely made Scheana Marie look bad on the show, which isn’t a huge deal, IN GENERAL. We get it: the embarrassing moments are the most entertaining. Scheana gets it too and has been a great sport throughout the years.

However, this woman went way too far. She admitted that she purposely makes Scheana look bad all because Scheana didn’t befriend her. Bri said her favorite “game to play” was looking for Scheana’s most embarrassing moments. Bri even admitted to lying to Scheana, asking her questions about a 21-year-old guy, and purposely edited the show to make it look like Scheana was hitting on Stassi Schroeder’s teenage brother. Absolutely disgusting. Absolutely unprofessional. The list goes on and on. This awful woman also admitted to making a “fake porn page” making fun of Scheana. Who picked on her in high school? What made her think any of this was remotely OK? Newsflash: it wasn’t and never will be.

Scheana Marie

Everyone knows that being a part of reality TV comes with a lot of benefits. There’s the money, the fame, the Instagram followers, the additional career opportunities, and sometimes even a flexible schedule. That’s why it can be so hard for some people to have any sympathy for reality TV stars complaining about first world problems. In general, that’s understandable. However, when disgraced Vanderpump Rules editor Bri Dellinger admitted that she purposely lied and manipulated Scheana Marie to make it seem like she had a sexual interest in Stassi Schroeder’s teenage brother, that was crossing a line.

This same person remarked that Scheana made a mistake not being friends with her because now her favorite thing to do is look for unflattering clips of Scheana. And, you know what, Scheana has been a good sport when it comes to making fun of herself. She’s in on the joke. She laughs at herself. Scheana understands how it works and often takes responsibility for her embarrassing moments. However, Bri went way too far, both doing this and talking about it publicly. There’s more though.