The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

We all knew the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion (filmed last week) would be a dramatic one! The ladies of Atlanta kept mum on all the drama save for a few cryptic tweets, but despite the online silence things got heated!

StraightFromTheA gives some behind-the-scenes spoilers on what really happened. First of all, for all the mishaps that concern Kim Zolciak-Biermann, she was pretty much a non-entity at the reunion! 

Apparently Kim and Kandi Burruss weren't allowed to discuss the on-going Tardy For The Party lawsuit per Bravo's orders. I am sure that Phaedra Parksas part of Kandi's legal team, also advised against it!

Since everyone was over Kim and her antics, she was largely ignored. She had a mild altercation with NeNe Leakes but then essentially faded into oblivion in favor of bigger dramas. As it should be. 


It was Phaedra and donkey booty competition Kenya Moore who reportedly had the most heated conflict! Both ladies came armed with facts and opinions regarding the workout DVD war – and then Phaedra brought out the big guns in the form of proof that Kenya had some alterations to her posterior! Namely silicone injections received in Mexico! 

SFTA's source shares:

"Kenya’s implant history is very well documented in the modeling industry. Many photographers on her repeat modeling gigs noted 'special circumstances' when shooting back shots of Kenya.

"There are reportedly several notes about photoshopping a dent in Moore’s left butt cheek, which is rumored to have stemmed from lack of care after her silicone implant procedure."

"She was referred by a friend to a Dr. in Mexico and traveled there to get her work done," the source continues. "The doctor who performed Kenya’s procedure advised her to sleep on her stomach for a few weeks after the procedure, but she slept on her side, resulting in the imperfection." Oops.

Apparently THAT is the real reason Kenya applied specifically placed pads over her butt when she mimicked Phaedra's thong swimsuit this season – she was trying to hide the "proof" that her butt is fake! 


Booty Wars – Upclose and Personal! [Photo Credits: & Instagram]

Kenya also came with some dirty details – she whipped out proof that Apollo Nida spends a lot of time in strip clubs and made several allegations about Phaedra's marriage!

It apparently wasn't too damning as Phaedra, who is 8 months pregnant, remained largely calm during the onslaught. Phaedra also whipped out several salacious details about Kenya's past relationships – and not the one that had anything to do with Walter Jackson. Speaking of which, that was merely glossed over at Bravo's insistence. I guess they didn't want their totally fabricated storyline outed and all… 


Also, facing a lot of heat was Porsha Stewart. It seems Kordell rubbed a lot of the ladies the wrong way and his controlling nature was debated at length. 

Speaking of hubbies, all of them took the stage (including Todd Tucker) except for Kordell, who possibly skipped the reunion! He is apparently furious at how he's been portrayed this season and is pushing Porsha to leave the show. The gay rumors that have plagued Kordell's past were also addressed, much to he and Porsha's chagrin!

NeNe even took to twitter to blast Kordell's past: 

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 12.43.52 PM

NeNe quickly deleted the tweet, which is a pretty low-blow towards Porsha considering they remain friendly! Ouch. 

[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]

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