Chelsea & Adam TM2 S5 Reunion

Has Chelsea Houska finally – finally – moved on from Adam Lind with a new man – or is she still secretly hooking up with him?

First up, Radar Online says the Teen Mom 2 star has lost weight through juicing and kick boxing and gained the confidence to move on with a new guy! "Chelsea goes to the gym 4-5 times a week,” a friend reveals. “Chelsea cooks nutritious meals for herself and Aubree. She makes veggie juice every morning. And little Aubree loves her broccoli!”

And that's not the only new addition to Chelsea's life – she's reportedly dating someone! “She doesn’t like to talk about it much, because it’s so new. And he’s in the public eye!” the friend hints. “But he’s very handsome and a great guy. She’s so happy!”


Well Life & Style is telling a different story! They insist Chelsea and Adam have been secretly hooking up and the proof is in the text messages! According to explicit texts the magazine claims are from late April, Chelsea begs Adam to come over while Aubree is sleeping and they agree to have sex. Um… ew. 

“Come over…I’m sad and I don’t wanna stay alone,” Chelsea begs, to which Adam replies suggesting different sexual positions (not revealed thankfully!). “Whatever,” Chelsea answers. “Just make me feel better.”

A source maintains to Radar, however, that Chelsea and Adam are definitely done. “She only talks to him when it comes to Aubree’s schedule,” the friend insists. “She would never take him back." 

Adam Lind & Taylor Halbur With Aubree & Paislee

Well if Chelsea wants Adam back, she's out of luck – again,  because just a month after a brutal breakup with second baby mama Taylor Halbur, Adam is back together with her!

In a true twist of irony, Adam claims he dumped Taylor because she wouldn't stop partying after the birth of their daughter Paislee (but we all know Adam likes to make things up). However Adam also admitted to cheating on Taylor (and he also accused her of cheating on him). 

After the breakup Taylor blew up her social media tweeting about how happy she was to be single – but it was apparently short-lived because she just posted a video of Adam, shirtless and in bed, holding Paislee

Man – Adam must have some magic peen. He should patent that. 

[Photo Credits: MTV & Instagram]

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