Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

If you’re like me you simply can’t imagine Vanderpump Rules without its poster child mean girl villainess Stassi Schroeder. Reading the Regina George script to a tee, adding one part alcohol, one part really, really bad relationship judgment, and one-part plastic surgery to balance the whole thing out. 

There were rumors that after last season Stassi was done with the show. She quit SUR and moved to NYC to be with new boyfriend Patrick and announced she was ready to move on, but once a famewhore, never reformed, right?! So of course she was brought back to stir up trouble!  

The new grownup Stassi has moved on from the previous seasons’ antics. Stassi will not be working at SUR and describes herself as an “outsider” this season who didn’t participate in the majority of the mayhem. Although she will confirm that the third season, premiering November 3rd, has wrapped shooting. 


“I actively put myself in the outsider position. These people aren’t really my friends anymore,” Stassi says. “I don’t really hang out with a lot of them…” Stassi remains friends with Katie Maloney, but fell out with Scheana Marie, despite initially being asked to be a bridesmaid in Scheana’s wedding to Mike Shay (which will be featured this season).


Rumor has it Bravo was able to cajole Stassi back to the show by promising to spiral her role this season into a spinoff, also produced by Lisa Vanderpump. Stassi won’t confirm whether or not that’s true telling I Heart Radio’s The Melting Pot, “You never know. Could be.” 

Hinting to her other plans for the future, everything seems to better than fine in her new relationship. Stassi moved back to LA after Patrick scored a job transfer. Things are so fine, Stassi’s given up saving for a rainy day. “Why save for an emergency? That’s why I have a boyfriend,” she joked. 

And, of course, reacting to how it felt to relive the cheating drama she was embroiled in last season between Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor, Stassi says she is totally over it and it wasn’t difficult for her to watch the situation unfold “because I was right.”

In fact she feels sorry for Jax and Kristen! “It must suck to be people that do really shitty things on camera and have to relive and have everyone judge that,” Stassi quips. “I don’t feel like I did anything. No one really hated on me.”

Below, Stassi with The Melting Pot hosts! 

stassi schroeder talks vanderpump rules season 3 on i heart radio's the melting pot


[Photo Credits: Tommy Garcia/Bravo & The Melting Pot]

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