Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

Jax Taylor got a new nose – and that’s not the only thing that has changed on Vanderpump Rules. Jax swears that this season, a new villain will emerge – and he is taking matters into his own hands to expose the truth! He promises this season there will be an even more surprising twist to expose a villain no one ever saw coming. It better not be my Peter

“A lot of things are going to come out that people are going to very shocked about. I’m really tired of being called a liar and a cheater,” Jax reveals. “I don’t mind being called the villain, because everything I do on the show is me, but there are other villains on the show who I start to call out. It’s going to get really dirty.”


Jax also promises the crazy twists are not producer orchestrated, but rather 100% authentic. “The only thing [the producers] do is to put me in certain situations I would not normally be in,” he tells Entertainment Weekly.

“Let’s say you and I got into a fight today; we probably wouldn’t see each other for a couple weeks. But for the show, we’d be put in a situation together the next day,” Jax explains. “I really wish it was scripted sometimes, because it would really make my life easier.”

As for his current situation with ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder, Jax says she actually encourages him! “I have no ill will towards her, but when someone tells you that you can’t do something and then you go do it, it feels pretty great,” Jax reflects. In fact he credits Stassi for motivating him to branch out into his business ventures, such as a sweater line! Yes, that’s actually a real thing. 

“Some of it is a little bit expensive, but that is because I didn’t cut corners anywhere,” Jax says of his shoe and sweater line, currently available online. “Everything’s Italian-made and I use quality product. I’m looking for ways to keep the costs down, but I feel that if you cut corners, you get what you pay for.” 

Tonight Vanderpump Rules returns – and so do Kristen and Tom 1 who are back after being suspended. Tom 2 continues to stall on marrying Katie by getting a puppy, but then Jax gives Tom 2 an even better reason not to propose! Finally Lisa puts Stassi to the test by hiring her to style a fashion shoot – and Stassi is anything but grateful. 

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 [Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]

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