Teen Mom 2 recap

Last night was the season premiere of Teen Mom 2. New season, new criminal charges against Jenelle Evans, new custody battle (this one with Nathan Griffin, the battle with Barbara Evans continues), and new lips. Leah Messer is anxiously waiting for the court to decide on Corey Simms’ custody petition, but it looks like Leah could use a break three nights a week and every other weekend. Chelsea Houska is probably too stable and happy for this show, but she provides a breath of fresh air after Jenelle and Leah segments. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry, Jo Rivera, and Vee Torres are trying to turn their co-parenting triangle into a square, but Javi Marroquin doesn’t want any part of that.

Do Jenelle’s lips really look good, or is it just that they look good compared to Farrah’s? Now if she could learn to keep them closed, that would be a real improvement! Speaking of improvement, or lack thereof, Jenelle hasn’t learned much from her previous encounters with the law and we find out she has been arrested AGAIN. This time for assault against Nathan’s new girlfriend Jessi, who looks like an older (tamer?) version of Jenelle. According to Jenelle, “the judge is gonna be like, ‘this is stupid.’” DUDE, all she did was throw water at the girl and the glass slipped! Likely story.


Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion - Kandi

Last night was part one of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion. Phaedra Parks was most certainly on the hot seat. That must explain why her gown was bathed in golden embers! When Phaedra wasn’t being bathed in the fruits of her shade, Kenya Moore was being read for the filth by everyone – even Andy Cohen! And I have to say YES, Bravo, YES! Finally and thank you. It was time. 

So it begins with the drama that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends… between Phaedra and Kenya. Phaedra is deemed the shadiest of them all, but some people aren’t appreciative of such witticisms. Like Kenya “Oatmeal Pie Face” Moore. She complains that Phaedra was “attacking” her looks, therefore putting down all women and their respective chocolate-ness. 



After Ashley Darby’s husband Michael broke up the last night of their girls’ trip, lines have been drawn among the Real Housewives of Potomac ladies. Karen Huger threw the biggest most pointless fit of all, so it looks like she’ll be the one Ashley has to squash the beef with first. That is, until Karen sends her own protrusion-in-his-pants representative, hubby Raymond, to do her dirty work. 

But first, Gizelle Bryant is at the “Skincare Chemist” – whatever that might be! – to discuss starting a makeup line. She says being a light skinned black woman doesn’t mean she can’t address the skincare needs of all African American women. Natasha, the specialist, suggests offering at least seven shades. Gizelle is well versed in shade, and can throw seven of them together in her sleep. In order to launch the line, she will need to gather a focus group, develop a name (Caramel Cutie? Just Buy It?), and brand her product. Gizelle ponders the idea of using the ladies as her focus group. Yes! Let’s go ahead and release the seven shades of hell all over that.  


Little Women: Atlanta finale recap

On last night’s season finale of Little Women: Atlanta, Minnie Ross turned over a new leaf and Amanada Salinas took the first step in independence from her twin.  

The trip to Savannah was anything but relaxing for the ladies, who had to endure an entire weekend of Monie Cashette arguing with Minnie. Now back in Atlanta, everyone realizes they need to make positive changes in their lives. For Amanda that means moving out with her boyfriend Jordan, who finally got a job (in a tire shop!). Amanda is afraid to tell Andrea Salinas that, for the first time in their lives, she wants some space. 



The ladies of Little Women: LA are Cancun-bound for Briana Renee’s bachelorette party! As with all things when it comes to this group: it’s a mess. Not a little mess. A BIG MESS. 

Since Jasmine Sorge planned Briana’s party, the rest of ladies are left to decide whether they actually want to go. Christy McGinity Gibel is on board, if only to luggage shop by climbing in the suitcases…thereby masterminding her getaway plan if the trip explodes in her face. She fills her mom in on Tonya Banks and Terra Jole‘s feelings on the bachelorette party: i.e. they don’t want to go. Buttttttt…cameras are there. So, who thinks they’ll be there? Yeah, me too. #ContractProblems


mob wives ang renee karen

What the hell, VH1? Were you trying to start a total riot among the Mob Wives on last night’s reunion? Before the final sit-down can begin, the producers decide to show unseen footage from the last six seasons in order to rile up all the women.

Karen Gravano is so enraged that I can barely make out a single word coming out of her mouth due to all the bleeping. Carla Facciolo finds Drita D’avanzo’s outtakes to be “sad lies,” and Renee Graziano questions whether she appears as angry on on-screen as Drita. Yes, she does. Drita opines about how the show was supposed to be about a great group of friends and women empowering women. Um, she knew this was going to be aired on VH1, right?

The set is staged as if the women are back at the warehouse meeting that Big Ang called earlier this season. Karen and Renee are first to be seated and they remember their initial animosity in the early seasons. I think it has something to do with rats and mobsters, but I can’t be sure. At least they’re cool now though, right?


the mother/daughter experiment

On last night’s the Mother/Daughter Experiment, Dr. Debbie challenged the moms and daughters to participate in mock-funerals for each other. Oh goody! Most of the moms and daughters were deeply and profoundly moved by the experience – not Kim Richards

Courtney Stodden is back from the hospital, and she recognizes that she had a physical reaction to dealing with Krista Keller‘s chronically spewing BS

Heidi Montag and Natalie Nunn are treating therapy like a non-stop party and open the session with morning mimosas. 


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap

Last night the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills practiced charity! Lest you think they were being sweet and kind, think again!

First up Camille Grammer returns to throw a shopping extravaganza for women’s cancer. As a cancer survivor herself, Camille is well aware that diamonds cure all. Of course, Yolanda Foster manages to upstage Camille’s designer pageant gown (featuring a side cut-out and Jolie slit!) by debuting her all-new pixie cut, but at least Yolanda got herself out of bed. Praise Jesus! Fear not – Camille looked beyond amazing.