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Vanderpump Rules Season 9 Reunion Part 2: Give Them A Million Excuses

Is anyone else still reeling from part one of the Vanderpump Rules reunion? Time stood still when Raquel Leviss handed James Kennedy back the engagement ring. The entire thing was incredibly uncomfortable to watch, but GREAT TV. Nobody in the room saw it coming. The announcement catches everyone off guard, and it’s going to be a moment remembered for many years to come.

Once Upon A Tom

Tom Sandoval Vanderpump Rules

Things immediately pick back up in the middle of Tom Sandoval’s war of words with Katie Maloney. These two don’t mesh whatsoever. They never will. However, it gets sickening watching Tom Schwartz attempt to silence his wife. He never really allows her to speak her mind.

Raquel apologizes to Katie for going on TV and saying she’s bored with her life. In all fairness, Katie’s not trying to have Schwartz out there making stupid decisions that could harm her in the future. Whatever happens to him, happens to her. It’s as simple as that.

Ariana Madix chimes in that it’s bullshit, but she’s not married, so why is she even commenting. It’s not going to affect her the same way it would Katie. She has no real legal ties to Sandoval. If he goes and loses everything, at the end of the day, she’s still going to be safe. Sometimes she comes off like a know it all, and it gets aggravating to watch.

As of now, Katie continues to have zero involvement with the bar. I get why he doesn’t want her involved. That’s messy as hell. If things go south, it can cause a litany of issues down the line. It’s best to steer clear of that sort of mishap entirely because it’ll make it much worse.

Raquel Nose Best

Raquel Leviss Vanderpump Rules

Raquel defends her decision to get a nose job which was quite the hot topic this season. Her nose looks incredible now and looked good before too. It was a bit perplexing that she feels such a desire to alter herself like that. Although, if that’s what makes her feel more confident, then all the power to it.

James tries to explain his urging Raquel to avoid the surgery. He felt she looked beautiful the way it was, so she didn’t need to go under the knife. However, his delivery (as per usual) was dreadful and made things a whole lot worse. It was coming off like such a douchebag at points this season.

James loses his cool while being forced to defend himself for comments during the season. Stating that Raquel would leave him if his face was ever messed up stirred up so much trouble. He’s referring to plastic surgery, but people like Scheana Marie have to take it to a deep level about him getting disfigured in an accident. What’s the point of going to such extremes? The man is already in a volatile emotional state. Why poke the bear?

I don’t know why everyone takes such great pleasure in provoking him. Brock Davies & Scheana are doing it the most at this reunion. Worry about your shitty relationship with your opportunistic man, and leave James alone.

Raquel cites James’ explosive temper as a big issue leading to her family’s dislike of him. James fires back and discusses her father getting drunk on Thanksgiving and having a go at him over hiking boots. It seems odd to focus on something so trivial. Why so negative?

No matter what James does to better himself, he’s never going to be liked by her family. It sucks because you can only do so much before you crack. If they’re not willing to accept him for who he is, it makes it impossible for them to have a successful and healthy relationship. It’s a stressor that’ll always remain present.

James doesn’t think anyone in Raquel’s family ever really accepted him. He was seemingly trying his best to be a better man for her. However, there’s something behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I don’t want to further speculate on what that could be, but it’s obvious.

Brocky Road To Freedom

Brock Davies Scheana Marie Vanderpump Rules

The first time Brock met Scheana, he allegedly had no idea who he was. I don’t believe that for a damn second. What a load of BS. I can’t take this man seriously anytime he opens his mouth.

Brock explains himself regarding his lack of child support payments. He argued with his ex about having access to the kids, and when she received government support, he started paying. Eye roll. Let’s not lie here. Holy shit, this man is full of it. Get a job.

Brock’s still not in contact with his children. He’s been paying child support for years now, so what’s the hold-up? Things don’t add up when it comes to Brock’s family situation. Obviously, anything coming out of my mouth is purely speculation, but it’s murky at best. You can’t listen to him speak and not question what he’s saying.

Lala Kent says looking back, she’s not in any place to judge Scheana’s relationship with Brock. She feels terrible for the way she treated him. What a 180. At least their friendship is in a decent place. It’s nice to see something in this group not turn to shit for once.

Everyone in the group heard rumors about Randall Emmett. Nobody cared to share any of those rumors with Lala though. In their defense, if anyone tried to share with her what they knew, she’d bite their heads off. She didn’t want to know. It’s easy for her to say the opposite now.

Lala claims she first learned about Randall’s alleged betrayal when Katie told her about the photos. She thought he was loyal to her, but it’s clear that wasn’t the case. Tough to watch.

It doesn’t surprise Raquel. She knew Lala as Randall’s mistress, so it was history repeating itself. Lisa Vanderpump says “sometimes the way you get them is the way you lose them”. What an accurate statement!

Why does Brock keep interrupting Lala? Let the woman speak. There’s no reason to chime in after every single world. There’s a part of Lala’s speech that sounds disingenuous, but let her have the floor. We had to listen to your babbling about why you don’t see your children.

Rude Engagements

Scheana Marie Vanderpump Rules

Brock’s desire to have a free wedding for him and Scheana is gross. To go further than that, why is he spending so much on her ring when he owes so much on child support? Bro. Get your priorities straight.

Everything about their attempt to upstate James & Raquel’s engagement weekend was tacky and gross. You don’t do that. Everyone knows that it’s not okay. Scheana doesn’t understand why it was wrong for them to do. She has an obsession with having a moment for herself that it’s blinding everything.

The entire left side of the room is out of their fucking mind. Raquel’s trying to be cool about it, but picking a better moment would’ve been better. That’s not what you do to friends. Brock & Scheana would’ve gone through with everything if Sandoval didn’t back out. That’s obvious.

The lack of self-awareness exhibited by Scheana season after season is fascinating. She somehow doesn’t show any real growth or change. In addition to her, Ariana throwing a fit because Katie says she doesn’t care about engagements and weddings is hilarious. Is it not the truth? When has any of that ever excited her? She gets so mad she throws the ear piece for Lala’s communication on the floor. Sure, let’s end the reunion by acting like a toddler.


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