Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Walk A Mile In Adrienne’s Shoes & Taylor Wants A Clean Slate

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a shoe spectacular! And oh man was I jealous over Adrienne’s collection. Adrienne hosted a fashion show to showcase her new shoe line as well as raise money for a charity that’s close to her sole (see what I did there?). Lisa and Adrienne exchanged words and Taylor continued her crusade against Camille. All in all it was a pretty good episode that was light on Richards’ drama and Taylor-Traumas!

Things begin with Lisa rushing in the door and she’s late, late, late for a meeting with wedding planner to the insane Kevin Lee. Kevin has apparently convinced Lisa and Pandora to surrender their brains, because as the invitations are unveiled my heart sank when I saw the ridiculous Michael’s craft project gift box. Did I mention those boxes cost $150 a pop? I apparently missed my calling and shall be quitting RT to race to Beverly Hills and design chintzy wedding invites. At least it was a slightly better color combo. As Lisa and Pandora gush over the boxitations, Ken looks slightly confused about what the eff he just paid for.


Moving into the kitchen Kevin has arranged a catering demo complete with Vodka sorbet martinis concocted using dry ice. Is this bartending or a science experiment – there were beakers and dry ice and a frighten Lisa protesting against mad science wedding bartenders. Then, Kevin pushed a button and she went all robot and started saying ‘yes, yes dry ice; let me get my check book…’ I think Kevin’s hypnotic code words are “very expensive.” Perhaps he got the idea from watching Escape To Witch Mountain…

After drinks it’s dinner sampling time and a very disturbing moment where Lisa feeds Giggy lamb off the bone from the table. Lisa does a classy version of Taylor making out with the cotton candy while filming some sort of sugar lover porn from last season. Oddly, Kevin was calling Lisa’s display “lovely” and “romantic”!! Lisa warns Pandora they can’t serve it at her wedding as Taylor, her new BFFL, is now officially invited. Poor Pandora bristles at the thought of Housewives attending and gently tells her mummy that her friends always get into “battles.” Good call Pandora. Lisa assures us they will be behaving or getting a size 7 Vander-pump up their patootie. I certainly hope for Pandora’s sake Taylor was left off the guest list!

Adrienne is hosting a fashion show to debut her new shoe collection and promote a charity she is passionate about. It has been Adrienne’s dream since childhood to design shoes and now she is getting the chance by knocking off some of her faves by other designers. I kid, I kid – I think it’s great that she is so involved and really dedicated to promoting Step Up an organization that encourages women to pursue arts and business.

Taylor and Russell meet with their marriage counselor, Dr. Charles Sophy. He’s pretty much a counselor to the wannabe stars whose past clients include Paris Hilton. Taylor claims Russell and her really love each other and Russell seconds that there is nothing that’s happened in their marriage they can’t recover from. I really don’t have the stomach to cover most of this exchange as I found it deeply sad and troubling.

Kyle and Brandi get together for manicures. Brandi fills Kyle in on her divorce. Kyle reveals she is starting over with Brandi and Kim can deal with her from now on. Brandi pitches a girls night idea to Kyle which involves a porn star teaching the ladies some BJ tips. Kyle is immediately against it, claiming no one in their group would appreciate that and surely everyone already knows how already! Oh, Kyle lighten up it would probably be fun. Brandi agrees to do something a little less risqué. Is Brandi starting to grow on anyone else?

It’s the day of Adrienne’s fashion show and she is having a lot of last-minute anxiety about things coming together so she takes to micro-managing the party planner. In the end everything looks amazing! Famous designer Kevin Hall will be debuting his fall collection in her backyard along with her new shoe collection: Adrienne Maloof for Charles Jourdan.

Russell surprises Taylor by attending with her; which Taylor explains as his attempt to be a “better husband.” Taylor is wearing her self-described “habit” to the party, but Russell tells her she looks beautiful. Taylor has accepted it’s difficult for he friends to like Russell after all the trash talking she’s done when upset with her husband. And after Tea Party-pocalypse, she is nervous about coming into contact with Camille. Taylor claims she doesn’t get angry (Taylor, please remember your life is filmed.) and was reacting out of hurt. Russell tries to appease his wife by insisting that Taylor has a right to be upset at Camille who is saying “blatantly false” things about them. I guess he doesn’t know what Taylor says behind his back!

Kyle feels awkward about the situation between Taylor and Russell and thinks Taylor’s anger at Camille is an effort to protect Russell, but Camille didn’t do anything except repeat with Taylor was telling everyone. In the limo on the way to Adrienne’s Taylor reveals she has no plans to start anything and ruin Adrienne’s night. With Kyle quipping ‘Why start that now? ‘Yes why indeed – I mean she had no qualms about ruining Lisa’s event!

Mohammed, Lisa and Ken walk over from across the street, which I thought was cute. Lisa reveals she has no qualms about seeing Taylor who has been reaching out to her following the tea party. Lisa, don’t do it!!

Immediately upon arriving Adrienne asks to speak to Lisa privately. And in a Housewives first Adrienne maturely and calmly speaks to Lisa about her feelings being hurt over Pandora’s party being hosted at Planet Hollywood instead of The Palms. The gist of the discussion is this: Adrienne confesses her feelings are hurt and she wishes Lisa would have asked her, as she would have loved to host and have the promotion for her business. Lisa seems surprised and explains that the owner of PH has been a family friend for 15-years, who wanted to host the party and already held Jason’s Bachelor Party there and frankly she did not want to impose. Adrienne insists it would not be an imposition as she wants to support Lisa and her endeavors, plus she loves Pandora; case in point when Lisa asked to have her wine served at The Palms.

Lisa eventually apologizes, but insists the wine thing never happened as she never received a call. Adrienne politely disagrees and it’s a murmured tit-for-tat.

The important thing to recognize about this discussion is that both parties remained composed; there was no cursing, name calling, yelling or screaming and no one disgraced themselves. And THAT is how truly classy women conduct themselves in a dispute (ahem… EVERY OTHER HW EVER!). Adrienne wished Lisa would have just admitted to a mistake, but oh well. Personally I believe Adrienne was over-reacting a bit and I am confused as to why she was upset, as it did seem a totally innocent act on Lisa’s part. It is Kevin Lees’s Pandora’s wedding after all, not Lisa’s. Lisa informs us that Adrienne can host her British relatives at Christmas if she’s desperate to help!

Camille arrives – late, yet fabulous – and is apprehensive about seeing Taylor as she is not pleased with her behavior. She brought her publicist with her. Is this the man responsible for her remarkable transformation? Camille encounters Taylor coming out of bathroom and Taylor tries to sneak away before Camille spots her. The ladies agree they need a one-on-one, but thankfully decide this is not the place. Shocking!

Camille is becoming friends with Brandi, as they have bonded over divorcing douche bags. Brandi gives Camille some encouragement that she and Kelsey may be able to get along in the future although Camille doesn’t belive it’s possible. Later, we encounter Taylor and Russell discussing Dr. Sophy with a friend of Adrienne’s. Apparently “Charles” gets around.

Adrienne’s fashion show begins with a champagne toast honoring Step Up. Adrienne believes in giving back which is a principal she was taught by her late father. The fashion show is beautiful, but the ladies are all in agreement they couldn’t see the “Maloof Hoof” under the gowns! Show us the goods, Adrienne! Adrienne comes out with Kevin Hall in a new gown – and she looks stunning, but again no shoes in sight!

Adrienne confesses she didn’t want to be in people’s faces with product promotion because she wanted the cause to take center stage. A lovely sentiment, but the shoes raise money for the cause! Finally, when pressed by the ladies, Adrienne gives everyone a peek. The ladies are all supportive and gush over the shoes.

Later Lisa, Kyle, and Taylor rendezvous about the event and Lisa fills them in on the Planet Hollywood debacle. She is confused about why Adrienne is so upset? Lisa confesses she feels like Adrienne is always annoyed with her as of late and isn’t sure what the problem is. After comparing being a Housewife to a minefield, Lisa makes a joke about Adrienne dubbing her footwear line the Maloof Hoof and teases that the Vander-pump is on it’s way to kick your ass. Which would be ironic; except Lisa has a shoe line of her own!

Next Week: Cray-lor returns! Kyle can’t stop insulting Brandi – even in her own home. And Brandi hosts a bellydancing Party that becomes the Kyle Richards Show!

Watch What Happens Live: Kristen Johnston and Brad Goreski are the guests and Kristen is obsessed with Lisa! And does priceless imitations of Kim!

The guests dish on Adrienne’s shoe line and no one is really a fan of the shoes! Kristen suspects Adrienne’s shyness over showing off her shoes may have something to do with not actually designing them. Brad protests that Adrienne seemed very hands on. Kristen also accuses Andy of hiring Kevin Lee! Yes – Kristen I AGREE!

Brad talks Rachel Zoe and claims Rachel fibbed about the terms of his leaving. Brad’s story claims he gave her 2.5 months notice before leaving! He also hopes they can become friends again some day. Brad promises more details on his show It’s A Brad, Brad World. So classy, Bradly!

Kristen knows Brad’s boyfriend Gary, who is a comedy writer. And Kristen gives some Brad history from his times before Rachel Zoe came into his life. I love Kristen! The game is Fierce, Faux Pas, Farkakte. And I think Brad was afraid to dub anything a Farkakte for fear of offending designers!

The poll question is: Whose the most fashionable Housewife? Brad votes for Camille as he adores her. Lisa and Camille tie for first place with Kim and Taylor tied for last. Maybe if Taylor would lose those bandage mummy shoes she may have placed higher!

Taylor will be the guest next Monday in her first Bravo appearance since Russell’s suicide.