Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is definitely in for a cast shake up. With two ladies out and reportedly two more to go, we cannot wait to see what next season is like!

Friends of the Housewives, Camille Grammer and Marisa Zanuck were both asked to skip the reunion and in Camille's case that was more than fine because she has no interest in returning next season. "There were some good times and some not so good times, but it's very hard to live your life out on the screen," a source tells PEOPLE about Camille's departure. 

Camille, who is much happier with her life post-divorce, feels she no longer needs the show and the stress it brings isn't worth it. Well, best of luck Camille!

Moving on, Adrienne Maloof will definitely NOT be returning next season either. She bailed on the reunion, and despite spamming the media with save-face reports that she is quitting instead of getting fired, she has been officially let go! 


Adrienne skipped the reunion for alleged legal reasons a source tells People. "She's painted into a legal corner," the source explains. "Because of the judgment in her divorce proceedings she is limited in what she can say – and she will be unable to defend herself."

"She's very unhappy about how the show tried to paint her and made her into their evil person for simply trying to protect her kids and family's privacy." Paul Nassif apparently taped a sit-down with Andy Cohen to air during filming, but Adrienne was afraid to face criticism from the other ladies about the allegations accusing Paul of abuse. 

"There is a gag order in place, and she was concerned she is going to be pushed into a corner and repeatedly asked about it, and that will compromise the divorce agreement," a source close to Adrienne shares with E! 

Well, Adrienne doesn't have to worry about ever discussing her personal life on film again, because People reports she has officially been FIRED for season 4! 

Adrienne was hoping to convince producers her new relationship with much younger man Sean Stewart would be a fun thing to incorporate into the show next season, but no one was interested in that publicity stunt romance! "She was let go," a source for the show shares. "Producers were sick of her constant tardiness and her issues."

Adrienne's people insist that's not true: "The producers were begging Adrienne to come back to the show and the reunion right up until the last minute." I believe they were begging her to come to the reunion so she could get raked over the coals for ratings! However, after the legal issues involving the network and production company, along with reports that other women were refusing to film with her – she just wasn't worth the hassle! 

And without Adrienne's presence the reunion was more like a group therapy session than a circus! With Bravo badly trying to rehab the show's image, that was probably a good thing.

The other ladies were relieved Adrienne's "negativity" was missing from the reunion. Instead they were able to really work through issues and mend relationships. "It felt more like a constructive conversation and not a fight,” a source tells RumorFix.

Lisa Vanderpump referred to the experience as "tough" but "cathartic." 


Yolanda Foster summed it up as "longest RHOBH day ever….." 

Reportedly this will be the last hurrah for both Kim Richards and Taylor Armstrong, so hopefully they got everything off their chests. 

Tonight the ladies of RHOBH stay in Paris where Lisa and Kyle continue to try and work through their friendship. And Kim is MIA which causes concern! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the mayhem and closely watching Kyle's leopard print coat. Dare I say it – I think I might like it! 

Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls airs tonight at 8/9c on Bravo

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