Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice Talks Food, Family, And Fabellini; Plus Which Housewives May Be Coming To A State Fair Near You?


You know, I have mad respect for how hard the ladies of the housewives' franchise work.  When they aren't filming drama-licious episodes, they are on a constant media tour, touting their products, and giving a whirlwind of interviews.  Of course, we all know that no housewife is on her game more than Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice, and you have to give her mad respect for that!

Speaking to Out In Jersey, Tre dishes on everything from her favorite dishes (what a segue!) to her family dramz.  Of her latest cookbook Fabulicious On The Grill, Teresa opines, "It's really refreshing right?! This book is all about eating clean, and exercising of course. You are what you eat, people need to get that by now," adding, "I've been exercising for the past two seasons and it's been great, they really go hand in hand. I cook the way you see in the book, simple and easy, and always with fresh ingredients. That's really what people need to understand, it doesn't have to be fancy. You can make a great meal with fresh and simple ingredients."

Teresa also reveals that she's always had a passion for cooking, and she hopes that her girls will share her love of all things culinary.  She says, "I'm first generation Italian, it's definitely what I love to do. The cooking, the cleaning, all of the traditional things like that, like the old days. I really think that the new generation loses that, and it's really important. Those are the things that were instilled in me, like keeping a good house and having old school values. I want my daughters to do these things for their families, which is what really inspired me to do the books. It's a memoir for my daughters to have for the future."


Given all the drama and family feuding of the past few seasons of RHONJ, it's sometimes hard to remember the fun-loving ditzy Tre from season one.  When asked if she misses that lady, Teresa responds, "I absolutely do! You know, after things started to change, "I heard that 'they always try to take the strongest one down' and I definitely see that to be true. What people don't understand is what people saw happen on television really happened to me and to my family. Melissa [Gorga] and Kathy [Wakile] joined the cast behind my back and I truly did not know; I only found out when Andy Cohen called me to tell me."

Teresa continues, "That was definitely hard for me. Imagine that playing out and your family is saying things about you, and people really don't know what sides to take. They weren't going to make the new cast members look bad, and I'd already been on for two seasons. At first I didn't get it, but it does make for great ratings. It was a really hard time and it was a hard thing for me to deal with. Right now though, things are really good with my family; you will just have to stay tuned to see how things play out."  Girlfriend never misses an opportunity to bring up Melissa and Kathy infiltrating the show without her knowledge.  Sure, it was shady (I don't buy into Melissa's innocent act), but it was so three years ago!  Build a bridge, Teresa.  Build. A. Bridge.

When questioned as to how she would feel about a cast shake up, Teresa's answer is somewhat surprising–and refreshing!  Tre explains, "You know, if anything I would like to have another family come on and join us. Kathy has three sister-in-laws that are Lebanese, so that would be an interesting twist to bring on, and it would definitely keep it in the family. For me, I don't want to fight with my family, that's not something I signed up for. Right now, we are in a good place, and I'm gonna stay in that good place. I would know how the show works though, they want drama; but you don't want the whole world to see that. I definitely try to instill that in my girls though, you don't fight with your sisters, that's never ok. They are your family."

Finally, Teresa takes the opportunity to hock her wares.  After being called a mogul, Tre jokes, "Oh yeah, I'm not doing it for nothing! (laughs). I'm coming out with my own food, ( There's an amazing balsamic ketchup, and delicious homemade pasta. The best part is, the foods are coming directly from Italy with all fresh ingredients. I'm trying to keep it as authentic as possible; I'm not ashamed at all, I Iove being Italian, and I just love the culture. They eat so clean and simple, you know? Fabellini ( will be changing also, and I've partnered up with a company and will be going national in August. I'm changing the look of the bottle, to look more sophisticated as well, Fabellini will be made in Italy as well. I also am still working on my Milania Hair Care Line  (, so yes, I am definitely busy!"  Those women will sell just about anything!

If you want to hear more about Teresa's many endeavors or you want to see just how catty Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney can be when asked about Gretchen Rossi (I'm catching up on Monday's WWHL right now…), both will be appearing Friday, August 23rd at the Great New York State Fair.  Meeting and greeting with them?  Drum roll please….New York's own, Jill Zarin!


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