Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is a special kind of reality star who will stop at nothing to twirl all over the situation and make it all about her. NOT! What I mean is just like most reality stars Kenya is attempting to carve out a storyline and some relevance. Gotta extend that 15 minutes, right?!

The new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is bound to be dramaful, and it opened with a bang when egomaniacal delusionistas Kenya and NeNe Leakes got into it. NeNe has been gloating all up and down twitter that she remained composed and kept her cool when Kenya grabbed her ear. And in rebuttal Kenya wants everyone to know she is "not afraid of the big bad wolf"! 

“It’s like, look, if we’re going to be friends we have to deal with each other on an honest level,” Kenya explained to The Wrap. “This is what bothers me. I’m going to be vocal about it. My desire is that we move past it and we don’t have to deal with that issue again." 


Apparently Kenya is just being Kenya! "I don’t consider myself taking on the girls. I’m just being me and things happen. Sometimes, I need answers so I don’t stop until I get the answers that I’m looking for."

"I’m an honest person (?!?!??!) and I’m speaking to who I think is my friend and I think has mutual respect for me," she continues. Kenya believes NeNe was pretending to be her friend and was not sincere about their relationship. "Every time we’re speaking about where we are, NeNe challenges that I’m her friend. It’s kind of duplicitous and transparent to me what her agenda is." 

And she is hurt that no one reached out to her about her eviction, even if they believed it was only gossip. "Anything that I read, like I read Kandi [Burruss] had a hospital scare, I reached out to Kandi to see if she’s OK, because you just never know."

"The news may have some truth in them. I just don’t ever want to take that chance with people I care about. I just want to hear it from them. So, I just have a different approach and I’m a different friend to those women than they are to me."

As for why she was upset that Walter Jackson, her made-for-TV-ex-boyfriend, was invited to NeNe's wedding, Kenya feels it was hypocritical! "They’re not friends with him," Kenya insists. "Some of them are cordial with him, but he’s not at their house, he’s not being invited to other places, they don’t hang out together."

Furthermore, Kenya feels incensed that everyone else's exes were left off the guest list. Especially her nemesis Porsha Stewart's! "She didn’t invite Kordell. They shot the wedding in June and we heard about the divorce in March. So, my point was valid. If you knew they didn’t have great relations and your primary friend is me or Porsha, then don’t invite someone that you know is not in good standing with us."

Um… really? Porsha was MARRIED to Kordell and dumped on Twitter. Kenya was fake dating Walter for a storyline and he ran scared when he thought her crazyfake ass was thinking their relationship was legit! Then she tried to tell everyone he was gay! 

Kenya says of now she is "friendly" with most of her castmates. Kenya also says she told NeNe via text she could not attend the wedding because she was in Africa. She also accuses NeNe of changing the wedding date last minute! ​"The first date she had I was able but when she changed it I wasn’t able to attend. I definitely let her know."​

Well, this should get interesting! The media is going to explode with these two famewhores rushing to the tabloids to destroy each other! 

Tonight is a new episode of RHOA where Kenya is confronted in court with her eviction and confronted by NeNe about texting Apollo!

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode, so make sure to join us! 

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