Real Housewives Of Atlanta Producer Talks Claudia Jordan Causing Drama, Porsha Stewart’s Demotion, And Kordell Stewart!

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This season Real Housewives Of Atlanta is bringing a lot of changes, most prolifically the demotion of Porsha Williams Stewart Williams, who was demoted from the cast when Kenya Moore‘s Shade Lieutenant friend Claudia Jordan joined the cast, surgically implanted guns swinging, to cause drama!

Claudia is not holding back on the drama as she took on veteran NeNe Leakes while Kenya cheered “Yaaaaaas!” from the sidelines. The new ladies have to mark their turf, by digging in the story lines – much like cats scratching in a litter box!

Dropping some hints on this season is Executive Producer for RHOA, Carlos King. And by that I mean parroting the Bravo approved PR spin about how amazing the drama is for season 7. Hey – I’m riveted! Carlos is a big fan of Claudia joining the crew, because duh – she has like zero scruples about acting ratchet, so that makes for excellent TV. Hey – I’m riveted!


“The dynamic has changed in a good way with the addition of Claudia Jordan because finally Kenya has a friend on the show who actually likes her. LOL. Just kidding, but Claudia is a well known TV personality/comedian who has an organic friendship with Kenya so she brings that to the table,” Carlos shares. “Kenya and Claudia have been friends for almost 10 years. They are both pageant girls so they have a lot in common.”

“She’s beyond funny and has a great back-story being a biracial beauty so there’s definitely layers to Claudia,” Carlos adds. “Plus, she’s able to stand on her own two feet with the rest of the girls which is also dynamic to watch.” 

As for Porsha being ousted, Carlos says producers are not responsible for what Housewives Bravo welcomes back. “I don’t hire nor fire housewives or demote them for that matter! But Andy Cohen spoke about Porsha’s demotion and he specifically stated that it was a decision made from the network due to the lack of personal story info that Porsha was offering this season,” Carlos reveals to Perez Hilton.

Carlos adds that Porsha will definitely be around plenty however! “Porsha is all over this season as if she was a peach holder (housewife) so fans and #teamporsha should know they will see her READ and throw SHADE like she always does!!”

As for whether or not Porsha’s incident at last season’s reunion, you know the incident where she dragged Krayonce by her weave across the stage, Carlos says that had nothing to do with Bravo’s decision to demote her. 

Speaking out on the other new addition, Demetria McKinney, she is a ‘friend’ of Cynthia Bailey‘s. “They have known each other through the social scene in Atlanta,” Carlos says. 

Of the new girls Claudia definitely came on the show meaning business. She hitched herself to the Underground Railroad on stop Kordell Stewart as a way to get under Porsha’s skin. To what – retaliate on Kenya’s behalf?

It didn’t upset Porsha too much however, because the she got fired for boring Andy, and then the cast (sans NeNe!) all went on this mystery trip (I think the Underground Railroad transported them) where everyone seemed to be getting along like, What fighting? What drama? Like, love you – Usie time

Claudia reportedly starts “dating” Kordell this season, however. Claudia claims she’s old pals with Slash. “I’ve known Kordell for years. We go way back,” she shares. As for whether or not she’s dating Kordell, she is elusive, but says she is dating someone. 

Except it seems like someone is painting Claudia as up to no good in the man department (ahem… NeNe Leakes). “I’m not a whore. I’ve never cheated on a husband, I’ve never sold my body for money, I’ve never been on a pole…,” Claudia maintains to OK! Magazine. “I’ve never done any of that stuff.”

Carlos also chimed in on Claudia and Kordell. He won’t get into too much detail about Kordell’s appearance this season – Kordell is business partners with the ever-successful restauranteur Peter Thomas as they are shown opening SportsOne in Charlotte, NC – but Carlos confirms, Kordell “is definitely a part of this season.”