real housewives of atlanta film a secret trip for phaedra parks birthday

There is a great mystery surrounding Real Housewives Of Atlanta – who are somewhere lost in the world – as they traveled on a jet plane for over 20 hours to get to a mysterious tropical location! Is it Bali? Thailand? South Korea?!

The entire cast – sans NeNe Leakes (did she quit mid-season?!), but plus Porsha Williams (was she hired full-time mid-season?!)- have gotten together to celebrate Phaedra Parks’ freedom from Apollo birthday in an epic cast trip to an undisclosed location! 

RHOA supposedly wrapped filming – Bravo already released the season 7 trailer – but with the Phaedra/Apollo drama escalating and Phaedra filing for divorce, cameras have resumed rolling. And they’re capturing a Phaedra Gets Her Groove Back vacation where all the ladies ostensibly come together to support the ‘New Phaedra’. Except for “Most Supportive” NeNe. Of course, NeNe has an excuse – she’s about to be on Broadway

No one knows for sure where they are, but the girls left on Phaedra’s birthday, it’s definitely somewhere tropical and it definitely includes Tropical Storm Krayonce. Yes, even Kenya Moore is there! Several different sources have theories about the current whereabouts of our Ladies Atlanta who could be anywhere from South Korea to Bali! Let’s discuss. 


First of all, here’s who is on the trip: Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss, both of whom are worried about catching Ebola and wore surgical face masks (photos below), Kenya, her cronie: Claudia Jordan, and ‘Friends’ Porsha and Demetria McKinney. Obviously Phaedra is there. But NeNe is not! There are rumors circulating that NeNe got fed up with Drama by Krayonce, and all her twirlery, so she quit the show mid-season. Some cryptic tweets allude to that as well. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.59.05 AM

Followed by, “I woke up this morning with so much peace I almost started shouting! God is real.” NeNe adding, “Removin URself from situations that cause u 2 cope n unhealthy ways is the first step n realizin U r worth it! #motivationalmonday”

Now the very real reason NeNe stayed behind is duh – Cinderella starts in a couple weeks and she must rehearse. The other reason is that NeNe is definitely done with RHOA following this season and entertaining several entertainment gigs outside of the show – including a potential job on Fashion Police. Bravo is mainly filming NeNe’s life outside of RHOA this season in an effort to catapult their highest paid Housewife into her own full-time spinoff.

I suspect Bravo will have NeNe leave with a bang mid-season, and then immediately start airing her spinoff to coincide with RHOA. That’s just my theory. As of last week Kenya was throwing digs at NeNe on twitter. Although, NeNe started it when her friend Tamar Braxton shaded Kenya on WWHL

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.03.37 PM

Kenya also accused NeNe of giving Porsha “a blueprint” in her shade methods, but then becoming “salty” when Porsha “did it better.”

It seems the other ladies are so-far able to get along without NeNe, so we can expect lots of talk on the trip about how NeNe stirs up all the trouble with the group. 

And speaking of the trip: where the hell are they?! LA LATE and StraightFromTheA both say the ladies are in South Korea. LA LATE says the cast is traveling on the exclusive and historic Korea Air A380 Superjumbo, a double-decker deluxe jet. “The fleet was unveiled to news roughly one year ago this month. In September 2013, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport made news to become only the seventh U.S. airport to carry the remarkable plane,” says their source. 

Other sources say they are in Thailand. However TamaraTattles says the ladies are actually in Bali. Based on the photos the women posted, I would agree it’s too tropical to be South Korea. 

Tamara also adds that despite the happy-friendsy photos posted by the ladies on instagram, the drama is not quelled. Apparently NeNe has now refused to film with anyone but Porsha. NeNe is still furious that Porsha was demoted and blames Kenya because Kenya encouraged Claudia to amp the drama to oust Porsha. 

Also, Phaedra is still on edge with Kenya. Apparently after Kenya accused Phaedra of cheating with Mr. Chocolate, Phaedra refused to film with her and took a break from the show,but the two have since spoken and come to a tepid resolution, which is why Kenya is on the trip. I’m sure we’ll get a scene of them ‘talking it out’/faux-pologizing and then Phaedra asking Kenya to come along. Yada, yada, yada… 

NeNe, however, will not speak to Cynthia at all, and won’t even acknowledge Kenya’s existence. I imagine the trip was intentionally planned during at a time when NeNe could not go and therefore there would be a solid reason to cycle her into a spinoff, but she will appear on RHOA for the entire season and she will be at the reunion. At least she’s supposed to be… 

And Lord Jesus – can we puh-leaze stop talking about Apollo/Kenya sextgate! Talk about beating a stallion booty to death. #FixItJesusBravo 

Photos below! 


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