Lisa Vanderpump Explains Firing James Kennedy; Stassi Schroeder Insists She’s Not A Villain!

lisa fires james and suspends kristen and tom 1

Vanderpump Rules is only 2 episodes into its third season – change is in the air and already someone has been given the axe! Lisa Vanderpump fired James Kennedy after he found himself involved in drama between Kristen Doute and her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval

Kristen and Tom 1 were both merely suspended, while it seemed Lisa and manager Peter Madrigal were unfairly blaming James for the shenanigans.

But as always – there was more that happened behind-the-scenes. On twitter, Lisa revealed that James had actually “admitted to stealing drinks” from SUR and also drinking on the job! 


“I see all your tweets,as the story unfolds things will become clearer,” Lisa added. “And yes James needed taking down a peg or two..Or three or four.” Personally I think the only thing Lisa did wrong was not also firing Kristen

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Another person who needs taking down a peg or two or three of four is Stassi Schroeder. She’s relishing being back this season without the drama revolving around her – and she’s defending her behavior from the last two season! You know the two seasons where she was a complete bitch! 

This season Stassi says she’s been getting a lot more positive feedback from viewers. “I thought people were going to throw shade at me for coming back,” she admits. “You also open yourself up to being harshly judged, which can be frustrating. I try to avoid looking at tweets, and searching online, but it’s hard not to see this stuff.” 

Stassi thinks she was unfairly portrayed – after all, it’s not like she did anything wrong! “I don’t think I’m villainous. I can be a little devious, but if you look back at both seasons of the show I haven’t really done anything to anyone—it’s not like I went out and slept with someone’s boyfriend,” she insisted to StyleCaster

Although, Stassi does admit that pretty much everything on Vanderpump Rules is embarrassing as hell “It’s hard to not look back at the editing and cringe. I watch the shows ahead of time, with a big bottle of wine, and just brace myself.”

On to her castmates, Stassi says she would love to give Scheana Marie Almost Famous a makeover, “She’s got the foundation. She’s beautiful, but those bandage dresses and glitter heels have to go. I would just class her up a bit!” Oh Stassi… way, way easier said than done! Stassi also states that she would fire Jax Taylor, because well, he’s Jax. 

Oh, Stassi also says she’s definitely not pregnant! “It’s called weight-gain, people!” she snapped. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]