Is Stassi Schroeder Done With Vanderpump Rules; Complains Editing Makes Her Look Like A Mean Girl!

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There’s been a lot of rumors now that perma-ingrate Stassi Schroeder is making a lot of enemies. In a new interview the Vanderpump Rules star complains that editing makes her look like a “mean girl” and reveals that she’s probably done with the show! 

“I’m kind of over the reality TV thing. It’s too stressful. It really is stressful. There’s so much negativity,” explains Stassi. “Most people do reality TV as a stepping stone. They can use it as a platform. Anyone who chooses to do reality TV for the sake of doing reality TV has to be insane.”

“Honestly, I’ve wanted to use this (TV show) to build up a following,” Stassi continues. “I’ve been slowly working my way up in fashion. If I didn’t have the show, those things wouldn’t be possible.”


I still fail to understand what exactly Stassi’s platform was? She’s under the impression that people take her seriously as a stylist or fashion writer? (I’ve looked at her ‘Style By Stassi’ blog). Does this girl own a mirror? 

Stassi’s main complaint with Vanderpump Rules is that it misrepresents her as a “mean girl” and focuses only on the bad. Well when your boyfriend won’t appear on the show, you don’t have a job, and despite the fact that you’re a s0-called stylist you complain about styling people, and no one likes you – what else can your storyline be?

“I know I’m not, like, the spreader of light all the time, but there’s sooo much negativity, and everybody’s judging you,” Stassi tells the Las Vegas Review. “Everyone’s saying awful things, and you’re being paid to take each other down. It’s just kind of rough.”

Stassi continued on with that point in an interview with In Touch Weekly. “There are so many things I’ve said as a joke, but they don’t show me laughing after,” she elaborates. “I have no control over what’s shown!”

Apparently when Stassi meets people in person she has really positive interactions, but then gets destroyed on twitter. Admitting that she’s “always been an aggressive person,” Stassi insists she is “kind” – even to castmates she doesn’t necessarily like. 

“We’re putting ourselves out there to be judged,” Stassi acknowledges, but she doesn’t think editing or Bravo has been kind to her “I was edited to look like a mean girl!” she insists. 

And I’m guessing reported plans of a Stassi-spinoff are over, because the 27-year-old says she is done!  “I don’t want to do reality TV again. It’s just not where my head’s at anymore! I’m happiest these days just being at home with (my boyfriend) Patrick.” 

Yeah, either that or she’s burned so many bridges complaining about the show and disrespecting the network and Lisa Vanderpump that reality TV is done with her! We don’t believe you are done – Stassi tried this ‘I’m quitting’ schtick last season. And for someone who is so over it she sure didn’t hesitate to show-up at the NBC Golden Globes Afterparty (photo below). 

Speaking of which, Stassi recently hung-out with fellow pariah Brandi Glanville. No, the world did not get reduced to a puddle of syrupy wine and polyester schmattas. Instead they liked each other – probably bonded over ish-talking Lisa!” 

stassi schroeder with brandi glanville at the golden globes afterparty for nbc

“#nicegirls” Stassi ironically captioned this photo. Maybe she was being ironic – let’s hope! 


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Stassi Schroeder NBC/Universal Golden Globes Afterparty

Stassi wearing Halston Heritage at the NBC/Universal Golden Globes After Party. [Credit: Brian To/]