Katie Maloney Says Stassi Schroeder Is “Insulting And Frustrating”

Katie Maloney & Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules Season 3

After years of putting up with Stassi Schroeders special unique crazy, Katie Maloney finally snapped. The straw that broke the camel’s back? Stassi expecting Katie to put their friendship before everything else going on in her life – including her relationship with Tom Schwartz and her job at SUR! 

First Katie explains why she decided to go to Miami with the rest of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars. “Tom and I had just gone through an extremely difficult period, and it really shook us both to our core. I had to completely turn my attention and priorities towards our relationship and asses everything.”

Katie shares that she needed to detach emotionally and try to figure out what was salvageable and what was causing so much friction between herself and Tom 2. “I had to decide where I needed to place importance. Now considering I don’t subscribe to Jax’s bullsh–, I no longer placed any importance on what he says and does. I knew that what he says and does can and did affect me, but it was no longer important to me. Rebuilding my relationship was the most important thing to me.”


“So in order to move forward, both in head and heart, I had to forgive everyone. Not for them but for me,” Katie describes. “I cannot move forward and grow and learn if I do not swallow my pride and forgive and accept. This is different than condoning.” That included moving forward with Scheana Marie and Jax, since they are both friends with Tom 2.

Katie also was hoping to build new connections with this group. “I also had to be forthright about my very own words and actions directed towards everyone. I’m not a fake person and don’t have to blame and victimize myself. I didn’t pretend that I didn’t say mean things or have hatred for anyone. I did this for myself and for my relationship. Tom on his own was making moves to preserve our relationship, and this was my contribution to our growth.”

“I don’t want enemies and animosity in my life either,” Katie says. “Part of growing up is learning from mistakes and moving on. From there you can compartmentalize the things and people in your life.”

“We could be petty about it and say ‘How could I be friends with people that did such awful things?’ but I’m no longer 16 years old, and I live in a reality where people mess up and people disappoint,” Katie continues. “And frankly I’m an adult.”

“Now imagine how insulting and frustrating it was for me to have my best friend be so unreasonably unsupportive and selfish about MY decision. Especially when I have been so supportive of her,” Katie writes. “I don’t know where Stassi gets the impression that I can’t maintain the integrity of our friendship while getting along with everyone else. I thought after all these years and my unwavering loyalty and support that she wouldn’t even think twice. Yes, I changed my tune. I’m allowed to do that.”

Stassi doesn’t have to like it or understand it, but as a friend, she should’ve supported it. That’s what friendship is,” Katie maintains. “I, too, hold friends to standards and one of them is that you don’t push your agenda on me and that you simply treat me with the same love and respect that I treat you with. Pretty elementary in my mind.”

Katie accepts that this may seem askew to Stassi and she was hoping to explain it all before Scheana got to Stassi.”Of course I wanted to tell Stassi about my decision to go to Miami. Unfortunately she didn’t want to hear it or anything I had to say because she pretty much stone-walled me for days before I even spoke to Scheana about going.”

“Apparently Stassi remembers it differently. According to her, it wasn’t enough,” recalls Katie. “Apparently her fingers were broken because my attempts at reaching out went unanswered, and she made no attempts on her own. I had a lot on my plate that week and would’ve been nice to have friends check in on me to see how l was doing. But apparently Stassi’s own world of hurt was too much to bear and she couldn’t see past it. I still paused to try and check in on her because I had an inkling she was going through a rough patch.”

“I did apologize to her for having to hear the news from Scheana,” Katie concludes, “but I couldn’t assume all accountability.” 

I can see why Stassi would be hurt and frustrated, but the fact that she wouldn’t even give Katie the chance to explain is tiresome and immature. Katie didn’t lose a friend, she gained emotional independence and saved herself many more years of frustration.

Besides I think we all know this had a lot more to do with filming VPR than it did their friendship – Stassi was running very low on people to film with and Katie was her last concrete link to the cast. Rumor has it she was working overtime behind-the-scenes during filming to get people fired and build ammunition for her own spinoff show and Katie putting her own life before Stassi’s hype was surely a major source of friction. 


[Photo Credits: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]