Kristen Doute Defends Being Involved With “Miami Girl” Confronting Tom Sandoval

Kristen Doute

Tom Sandoval cannot escape his past! Meaning, Kristen Doute will not get a clue and move on! On last week’s Vanderpump Rules the poster child for obsessed ex-girlfriend hired conspired with “Miami Girl” (who maintains Tom cheated with her in Miami) to show up at SUR and confront Tom 1 in front of Ariana Madix. Of course it didn’t exactly go as planned… 

Kristen insists she just wanted Tom to be honest because he cheated on her and destroyed their relationship, so naturally she deserved the truth about his relationship to Ariana! “I wanted answers,” Kristen says, admitting that her quest for knowledge was irrational. To say the least…

“I know that I’m broken up with Tom, I know James and I are together, and I know that it’s probably none of my damn business, but I made it my business,” Kristen states. Probably none of her business? Let’s go with DEFINITELY none of her business. And let’s also go with STILL OBSESSING. 


“Yes I sent Tom text messages after Miami, because we had a moment that was, I felt, really necessary and was just me and Tom for one second kind of like cracking the shell and getting to the root of everything,” Kristen claims. “I just wanted him to be honest, just like he wanted honesty out of me.” 

Yes, while Kristen was planning to have Tom’s relationship with Ariana destroyed over Miami Girl, she also planning for him to come running back to her in his time of depressing need – so she was texting him to get a beer while simultaneously corresponding with Annemarie to destroy his life. That is some kinda… something! 

“The anxiety I had and the anticipation, really, of Annemarie coming to L.A. is just more than I can express,” Kristen insists. “I had kind of known for a couple of months prior to her coming that there was a possibility. And when she actually did fly in, I found out the day before.”

Kristen claims it was no planned or conspired. “She sent me a text that said I will be there tomorrow. She wanted to confront Tom in front of Ariana, but first she wanted to have a sit-down with me,” she recalls. “I think it made her feel a little more safe. She wanted to tell her side, and I have her back in that aspect only.”

Tom, Ariana, Jax, Katie, and Tom Schwartz have all maintained Annemarie’s story was very distorted from reality and Bravo left-out lots of relevant details. Speaking of which, Andy Cohen says he’s on Tom’s side in the whole Kristen/Miami Girl debacle. 

Kristen, also boasting a distorted reality, claims that what she observed between Annemarie and Tom – and she had a front-row seat if you recall – proves his guilt! “Seeing him kind of take a minute to, like, digest everything and then bolting…I mean how guilty can you be when you bolt from the bar?”

“I mean, I would not lie and say that a little part of me with a little devil on my shoulder wasn’t like, ‘Haha, Sandoval, you’re about to get yours,'” Kristen cackles in her Bravo blog. “I had no idea that Tom and Ariana came back. There’s nothing easy about flying across the country to talk to a guy you slept with, his current girlfriend, and his ex-girlfirend just to clear your name.” 

Kristen also claims as a result of the show she’s been getting death treats! Maybe it’s karmactic payback for all the death threats she’s made against Ariana

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The only part of her behavior Kristen does apologize for his how she treated SUR manager Diana. “I still feel like a complete piece of sh– for the way that I treated Diana,” Kristen admits. “It was just between Scheana getting all worked up about things and the plan not going the way that we thought it was…and she knows I feel absolutely terrible, and it’s no way to treat anyone, especially your friend.” 

Tonight is a brand-new episode of Vanderpump Rules, and Lisa apparently fires Kristen from SUR over her treatment of Diana. But Kristen isn’t the only person confronted with her bad behavior – Tom 2 gets caught in yet another cheating scandal and is forced to fess-up to Katie! And Scheana is forced to choose between Ariana and Kristen! 

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]